Get Your Naturopathic Patient’s Information Right Away With Online Intake Forms

As a naturopath, your ability to aid and guide your patients back to good health is largely dependent on the information you have at your disposal.

For your patients, the exhaustive criteria of your intake forms may be off-putting. But for you and your staff, each answer to each question provides deeper insights into the health of your patients.

After all, personal health is often a puzzle – and you can’t expect to solve a puzzle without the right pieces in place!

However, although intake forms allow Naturopaths to explore the lifestyles and well-being of their patients, they often come at a severe cost. Most naturopathic intake forms are comprehensive documents – and as a result, they can be exceedingly time inefficient on both the client and business side.


Well, most naturopathic practices utilize paper-based intake forms that must be completed prior to appointments, either in the waiting room or beforehand. This places all responsibility on the patient, who may not be able to complete the form in time or may forget to fill out their intake forms entirely.

In addition, many naturopaths process their intake forms manually – which means a receptionist is required to enter the hand-written data into their digital patient records, line by line. The process is probably about as much fun as it sounds.

Ultimately, intake forms provide naturopathic doctors with a solid informational foundation regarding the health of their patients. However, the process of gathering this information can drag down the day-to-day operations of naturopathic clinics and slow productivity to a crawl.

Thankfully, with Yocale, there’s a better way. By bringing your business online, you can streamline your intake form process and save time and energy while also skipping the hassle of paper-based intake forms!

Ready to take a look? Let’s get started.

Expedite Your Intake Process With Online Forms

Yocale brings every aspect of your intake forms onlineincluding how your patients complete them.

Traditionally, naturopathic practices rely on paper-based intake forms, but as we’ve discussed, paper-based forms are inefficient and are even becoming irrelevant.

By offering online-based intake forms, you’ll save the time of both you and your patients. And as a bonus, allowing your new patients to complete their forms online will likely leave them with a more favourable first impression!

With Yocale, you can automatically associate specific services with any of the custom intake forms you’ve created. That means that if a patient books an appointment with you via your Yocale page, you can set Yocale to automatically request your patients to fill out the forms associated with that service.

Within your Yocale dashboard, you can even specify if patients are required to fill out their intake forms initially, or for each time they book a particular service. The options here are service-specific and completely customizable, allowing you to match the intake needs of your business as-is.

Once you’ve associated a form with a service, Yocale will send any patient who books that service an email requesting that they fill out the accompanying intake form. The process is simple, fully automated, and doesn’t require any additional effort from you or your staff!

After a patient completes a form, it’ll be attached to that patient’s appointment within your Yocale Calendar. Just click the Forms icon, and you’ll be able to browse all forms relating to that appointment!

Learn More About Your Patients Through Customized Intake Forms

Because you can fully customize Yocale’s intake forms to your liking with our easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface, discovering more about your patients has never been easier.

A full range of formatting options from checkboxes to yes/no choices allow you to gather deeper insights about your patients right from the get-go. And, if you’re unhappy with your intake forms, you can always make changes using Yocale’s Intake Form creator – no reprints required!

Best of all, Yocale’s Form Creation happens directly within your browser and doesn’t require any document creation experience. There are no additional app installations or downloads – you or a staff member can simply log in to your Yocale dashboard at any time and begin creating and customizing forms within seconds.

Once you’ve created a Yocale account, it’s easy to get started – here’s how.

From your Yocale Dashboard, just navigate to Tools -> Business Tools -> Form Templates.

Here, you’ll be able to view a list of your existing forms as well as create a new one. You can set each form to have a unique name and description to distinguish between them.

Once you’ve clicked Create New Form, you’ll be taken to a different page where you can begin customizing your document. Here, you’ll be able to specify the Form name, Description as well as associate the form with certain services.

From here, you can begin creating your form by merely dragging-and-dropping fields into the form.

Finally, you’ll be able to edit each field in accordance with your form’s purpose.

For instance, if you’d like to ask whether a client has received naturopathic services before, you could add a Yes/No choice box. Or, if you’d like them to describe their symptoms, you could include a paragraph field for them to fill out.

Once you’ve finished creating your form, just hit Save to finalize your changes, and you’re done – it’s that simple!

Revisit Patient Records Online, At Any Time

One half of re-engineering your intake form process involves the forms themselves – but the other involves how you’re storing them.

Many naturopathic clinics have cooked up snazzy intake forms that would make any graphic designer proud. However, when it comes down to retrieving those forms for later reference, the disorganization of their document storage often leads to wasted time and frustration.

Thankfully, there’s no reason to get bogged down by having to dig through dozens of paper-based records any longer! Just as Yocale makes the intake form process all-around easier, it also makes accessing patient documents a breeze.

Yocale’s extensive Client Database allows you to revisit the profiles of all of your patients, past and present, including their intake forms.

Once you’ve created a Yocale account, just head to your Clients tab, select Business Clients, and you’ll be able to quickly browse through your patients, either alphabetically or by phone number. When you’ve found the client you’re looking for, simply click View Details.

Now that you’re looking at a patient’s profile, click the Client Forms button to view any and all forms associated with their appointments. Easy!

The Bottom Line

With Yocale, you can optimize the entirety of your intake forms – from the way they’re created to the way they’re processed and stored. Save time, money, and create more opportunities for patient success by adopting our streamlined approach to intake form processing.

Redefine your practice – get started with Yocale today for FREE!

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