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Have Confidence In Your Mental Health Practice With Yocale’s Encrypted And Secure Cloud-Based System

Whether you’re a psychologist or a counsellor, you likely spend countless hours assisting your patients – time manifested in the form of numerous documents, forms, and supplementary attachments.

Each patient that walks through your doors presents a singular case, necessitating unique and novel solutions. No two patients are exactly alike, and it can be difficult to recollect the subtleties of your patient’s history without referring to your notes.

As a result, many mental health practitioners rely on their extensive records to record and store the delicate nuances of their patients. From medication history to files and photographs – keeping organized patient records allows practitioners to retrieve vital information and in turn, provide better solutions for their patients.

However, in the field of mental health, many of these records contain personal and sensitive information. As a result, it’s imperative that mental health experts store their documents safely and securely.

Although digital recordkeeping has caught on in the last few decades, its convenience also comes with serious risk. Locally-stored data can easily be maliciously accessed and stolen, and when sensitive patient information falls into the wrong hands, dire complications can arise.

Thankfully, Yocale provides mental health practitioners with a safe and secure digital foundation for online recordkeeping. From patient records to intake forms and appointments, Yocale keeps your data safe from prying eyes while also greatly improving your overall data management and organization.

It’s easy to get started – and best of all, it’s free! Here’s how it all works.

Build And Manage Your Practice With Security In Mind

In an industry like mental health where data theft carries serious consequences, it’s essential to have a reliable infrastructure to keep your practice – and all it encompasses – safe.

Statistics show that a whopping 62% of data theft victims are small to mid-sized businesses. This might come as a surprise, but as B2C reports, cybercriminals are often most interested in customer data and credit card information.

To combat data theft, many mental health experts have their data stored on their local computers, in paper-based form, or a combination of the two. They may even perform cloud-based backups using third-party services.

And although some data protection is better than none, a mix of digital and non-digital record keeping can lead to fragmented storage. In this case, a practitioner might have difficulty finding a record or file when it might exist in one of several places – locally, in writing, or elsewhere.

All in all, scattering your records across multiple services and storage solutions can actually create more disorganization than organization.

For the purposes of easy access and preserving your sanity, consolidating your patient data via the cloud is much more pragmatic. This way, every piece of data will be in one safely secured space, ready to access and re-download if necessary.

Thankfully, this is precisely what Yocale offers – a fully-encrypted foundation for even your most sensitive data. Our cloud-based storage is built on the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform and uses the renowned AES 256 encryption standard, so you can rest assured knowing your records are in good hands.

Create Detailed Patient Records And Save Attachments Safely

Yocale isn’t merely a cloud-based storage solution – it’s an all-in-one business management tool for your practice.

With Yocale, you can create detailed profiles for each of your patients with our Client Database feature. Each profile contains some basic information about each client, but you can go even deeper by adding additional file attachments.

Within your Yocale Client Profiles, you can add up to 5GB of images, videos, documents, and more. Anything you upload to your Client Profiles with Yocale is stored securely on our cloud servers, so you can minimize the risk of data theft while still creating comprehensive client records that keep you informed.

It’s simple to begin uploading file attachments to your client records with Yocale, too. Firstly, just navigate to a client’s profile, either by searching for their name, phone number, or listing your clients alphabetically.

From here, select the client’s profile by clicking View Details.

From Yocale’s client view, you can see a number of patient details at-a-glance. To begin adding files, just click Documents.

The documents window will pop-up for that client. Click Add Document.

From the file attachment screen, simply select your file, hit upload, and you’re done! Any attachments you’ve uploaded will be encrypted and stored safely on our end.

Yocale makes client file storage not only easy, but secure. With Yocale, you can store your records safely online while also skipping the hassle of other digital file storage solutions.

Whether you’re uploading your treatment notes, images, or videos – Yocale has your back!

Create, Manage, And Securely Store Your Intake Forms

If you rely on intake forms to collect crucial patient information, Yocale can lend a helping hand there, too!

Yocale features full, internal support for intake forms. From creating them with our drag-and-drop editor to allowing clients to fill them out online, Yocale makes editing and managing your intake forms a breeze.

Best of all, our users can rest assured that their electronic data transmission risks are minimized. Just like our file attachment system, Yocale’s Intake Form features are built using industry-standard encryption, so you can create and collect your forms without stressing over the idea of them falling into the wrong hands.

Once you’ve created your Intake Form(s), they’ll appear within your Yocale Client Profiles if a patient has filled them out previously.

From here, viewing your patient’s intake forms is easy. Similar to viewing a patient’s file attachments, the first step is to navigate to a Client Profile.

From here, click Client Forms.

Here, you’ll see a list of any and all forms associated with that patient. You can then click to edit, delete, or view a form via the corresponding icons.

The Bottom Line

As a practitioner emphasizing the mental wellbeing of your patients, the data and records you keep are crucial to understanding the concerns of your patients.

However, without taking proper security precautions, your valuable digital records may be at risk. Data theft could severely undermine the credibility of your practice – not to mention the trust of your patients.

Achieve peace of mind – know that your patient and business records are stored safely and securely with Yocale’s encrypted cloud-based technology!

Ready to make the switch and secure your practice? Check out our pricing and get started with Yocale for FREE!

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