How Fitness Scheduling Software (Gym Management Software) Is CRITICAL For Those in The Fitness Industry

Whether you’re a solo personal trainer with a few clients or a full-fledged gym, yoga or dance studio, fitness scheduling software (gym management software) is an essential piece of software if you’re in the fitness industry.

Indeed, research shows that the market is growing because there is a high demand for such products.

Want to save more time and streamline daily operations? Do you want to better manage your clients? How about market your business while entirely automating the process?

This is what gym management software can do for you.

In a nutshell, this software is a:

  • Online scheduler – have clients to sign up for appointments/classes online
  • CRM (Client Relationship Management System) – manage your clients from a single database (i.e. a act as a CRM)
  • Point of Sale – Accept payments, including pre-payments
  • Offer memberships, packages, coupons and gift cards
  • Marketing Tool – market your business (i.e. with Reserve with Google, marketplaces, website booking buttons, etc.)
  • Achieve better resource management
  • Inventory Manager
  • And more

This blog post will show you exactly why this piece of software is critical for your fitness business.

1. Streamline Daily Operations = Save Time

If you streamline daily operations, you will save time as a result. 

This is where software designed for gyms comes in. 

  • Online Scheduling. SMS and email reminders then go out to clients to remind clients of upcoming classes so that you avoid no-shows.
  • Point-of-Sale. This software also acts as a point-of-sale, allowing you to take pre-payments or deposits and, in general, easily track all transactions (including client billing information, purchase history, taxes, payment method, etc.).
  • Better Manage Resources. From rooms to equipment to chairs, gym management software allows your internal team to schedule resources ahead of time so that your equipment and so on doesn’t get overbooked.
  • Inventory Management. Whether you sell water, tanning products or any other type of product at your gym, proper inventory management helps you get a bird’s eye view of your best sellers while ensuring timely alerts when products are low.

2. Generate Revenue

Every business wants to generate more revenue – and your fitness studio is likely no exception.

Gym management software helps with this in a variety of ways: by automating marketing (more on this to come), by effectively keeping your business open 24/7 by enabling online scheduling and by allowing you to easily sell packages (i.e. bundles), gift cards and memberships. 

On the topic of packages, these allow you to sell a greater volume of services at once while simultaneously getting your clients to come back more regularly and perhaps even introducing clients to new services. 

(You can read our blog post on why you should be selling packages here).

In full disclosure, no, you definitely don’t need gym scheduling software to be able to offer memberships, packages, gift cards and so on. But software definitely streamlines this entire process.

3. Better Manage Your Clients

This software also acts as a CRM – a client relationship management system. With a software like Yocale, for instance, you can store client records such as client details, class history, receipts as well as the ability to take client notes. This feature is great for staff who personally train clients on a one-on-one basis.

As you can see this, this software helps you better manage your clients for more streamlined operations.

4. Automate Your Marketing

Finally, fitness scheduling software (or at least many on the market) will allow you to put your marketing efforts on autopilot, automating many things for you.

Yocale, for instance, puts your gym on the front page of Google, giving potential clients the ability to book classes straight from Google. This is known as Google’s booking button, Reserve with Google.

Yocale also gives you access to its own Marketplace of customers who are looking for gyms and fitness classes just like yours.

And this is really just the beginning. You can see more how we automate marketing here.

Wrapping It Up

Fitness scheduling software – that is, gym management software is a must-have for all fitness studios and gyms. As you saw above, it streamlines daily operations, generates revenue, allows you to better manage your clients all the while giving you access to new marketing tools and automating that process for you. 

Even more, a software like Yocale can arguably replace systems you may already rely on, such as your point-of-sale. 


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