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A Guide on How Online Booking Can Save Your Retail Store Front

The moment we’ve all been anticipating; British Columbia has released its plan of re-opening the Province. What does that mean for your business? 

Starting mid May, limited restrictions of Covid-19 will be released and your storefront can slowly, but surely, open its doors. Since a cure for the vexing virus has yet to be discovered, there will be restrictions in place to oblige by.

Depending on the size of your emporium, only a set number of customers can be in your store. Does this mean you have to demand your clients to wait in line and rush out the customers that are browsing your store?

Thankfully, no. We live in a world with advanced technology and access to a plethora of tactics to digitally manage our operations. Logistically, the best approach is to offer online booking in order to protect your staff and screen your patience

Upload the Booking Widget effortlessly on your website and allow it to do what it does best. In addition, if you are offering a service that has a price, it would be effective to have a Google book button directly on you Google business listing. Another opportunity to allure new clients. The Google Reserve option is ideal for all types of services including beauty boutiques and nail salons.

And the best part? It is Free.

With Yocale’s POS System and integration with Stripe, it’s easy to maintain your area germ free and acquire Cashless Payment. Make sure to take advantage of Request by appointment for prioritization. 

Your Customer Will Love it, too 

Using Yocale’s email marketing tool, notify all your clients of the exciting online scheduling option you have available for them. You can customize and only chose a specific group of client to receive your message. Make sure your business hours are set and your book button is ready to go. 

When further details are revealed about re-opening non-essential businesses and number of customers allowed in at once, you can then set the maximum number of individuals that can exclusively book their spot in your store.  

Instantly,  plan and be prepared for your day! 

This will be practical for all parties involved as clients will no longer feel tentative to wait in line or avoid coming in at all. Your business can operate profitably while meeting health and safety regulations.

What if your client is unable to physically make in to your store? Use Video Conferencing and connect with them virtually. Maintain and thrive customer relationships. As this approach will be the “new normal”, Yocale has all the resources you need to be impervious and prosper

How to Prepare: The Ultimate Checklist.

We have gathered a list of things you can implement to prepare for your comeback:

  • Announce re-opening dates on all your social media platforms
  • Disinfect the store and remove unnecessary items to avoid contact
  • Review reopening laws in detail
  • Train employees on sanitization methods and new ways of operating
  • Make sure you have the necessary items in stock (i.e cleaning supplies, masks) 
  • Maximize Online visibility and confirm online book button is operating
  • Revise service menu (i.e client need to wash their hair prior to haircut) 
  • Review staff hours and create your schedule to comply with health and safety regulations
  • Notify your client by sending out new marketing material that include updated changes (hours, services, online booking, number of clients in your store at once, inter alia)
  • Create a customer requirement sheet (do you recommend them to wear a facemask?)
  • Review your layout and make changes to meet the number of clients allowed in your store at once.

Ask yourself important questions like, how will you avoid close contact with your customers? Your answer might result in mapping out a new store design. We know all this can be overwhelming, but the positive side is your business can commence operating soon.

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