Social Media Marketing Techniques

How Social Media Marketing Works

Social media. Where would the world be without it?

Social media platforms have changed the way we interact on the internet, how we share things with our friends and family, and connect to one another from different parts of the world.

And if utilized properly, then social media can be the key to helping grow your brand and your business.

Today we are going to dive into 3 ways that social can help you expand your reach beyond your direct audience.

Speak The Networks Language

There are social sites and then there are social sites, not all are created equal.

And with that said, there are some sites that you really need to be on and start publishing content too.

The first one of them is Facebook, which is the biggest of them all. Next would be Twitter, and we can also include the likes of Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google+.

The problem marketers are making is that they are taking 1 piece of content and just using all of these networks to blast the same piece of content too.

What happens is if a message is not tailored for the speak of a particular network, then the messaging will be lost.

Each network site has its own breathe, a way people interact and engage with it, you have to learn to not just blast out the same message across all networks, but to tailor the message to multiple different channels.

Repurpose And Reuse

The great thing about internet marketing is that you can reach a ton of people from all over the world on many different places at the same time.

Therefore, going further from point one above, let’s take for example this situation: you just finished writing an amazing blog post, instead of just leaving it by itself on your blog, you can repurpose the content and create a video from it and put it up n YouTube.

You see, by repurposing the content into different types of mediums, you can capture even more traffic by getting in front of people who may not have found you otherwise.

Another example is to take that blog post and make it into a pdf and upload it to Scribd. This is a great way to capture more leads with the ability to reuse the exact piece of content, tailored to a new site, but also making it into a brand new medium.

Why Its Important To Your Business

If you take a look at the number of ways you can actually connect with your audience, social media marketing allows you to have a very close connection to the customers in your life.

This type of marketing gives you the opportunity to share your knowledge and information with those that care about your business the most.

You are able to share the wealth of knowledge you possess about your niche and industry and then have your followers further share and promote those pieces of content.

So in essence, your following are your foot soldiers, and every time you create a great piece of content, you give your followers another opportunity to share your information to the rest of the world.

In closing, social media marketing needs to certainly be a very strong part of your overall marketing strategy.

It’s an integral part as it gives you the opportunity to have a stronger voice with people that will hopefully end up being customers in your business in the future.

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