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How To Book Private Services At Your Acupuncture Clinic

You likely remember the frenzy around Starbucks’ secret menu item, the unicorn frappuccino.

You may have even tried it yourself.

A frappuccino that changed from sweet to sour, swirled between pink and purple and was practically made for Instagram, the unicorn frappuccino naturally got a lot of buzz.

But part of the reason why a single frappuccino garnered so much attention?

It was on the secret menu item.

Secret menu items were designed to capture attention. Just type in ‘secret menu items’ in your Google search bar and you will find 3,740,000 results. There is an entire psychology around the secret menu and why we love them so much.

But, even if your business doesn’t offer unicorn frappuccinos, you can tap into the psychology of the secret menu by offering private services at your acupuncture clinic instead.

Private services do not show up on your public calendar. However, your staff can still add these private appointments to their calendar (but they are simply hidden from your public calendar).

Not only can private services actually benefit your clinic, there are a lot of instances where private services can actually be convenient.

Instances Where You May Want To Offer Private Services

There are a lot of instances where your acupuncture clinic may want the convenience of being able to add private services to your calendar but not have them not appear on your public calendar.

Private services are useful for a variety of more unique booking situations, including:

    • Discounted Services
    • VIP Services
    • If you have very flexible hours

By being able to add these private services to your calendar, you ensure that you don’t miss an appointment with your client.

But even beyond the above booking situations, you may want to actually offer private services anyway.

Let’s get into why.

How Your Acupuncture Clinic Can Actually Benefit From Private Services

So, we’ve established that private services are the equivalent of Starbucks’ secret menu (or any fast food chain’s secret menu, for that matter). By leveraging the power of psychology, you can tap into scarcity principle and exclusivity and generate more sales and customer loyalty as a result.

(Here are other psychological strategies that can boost your sales).

  • Tap into the Scarcity Principle

Private services are not available to everyone. They are not easy to book.

Simply put, the rarer something is, the more people perceive that it must be valuable.

This is known as the scarcity principle and marketers leverage it all the time.

Although your services may not necessarily be any more valuable, people perceive that they are.

This then generates curiosity. People want to know what they’re missing out on. So, by offering private services, you can create an entire mythology that can greatly benefit your clinic.

Put another way, the result is more bookings for your clinic.

  • Tap into the Power and Psychology of ‘Exclusivity’

The idea of exclusiveness is another powerful psychological phenomenon that the best businesses leverage.

Exclusiveness taps into our desires to belong – according to Abraham Maslow and his Hierarchy of Needs, this is a need that we all have.

When you are one of the few people who get to take advantage of private services, you become part of an elite group. In turn, this creates a sense of belonging.

The result? Customer loyalty. Your clients feel much more connected to your business.

Given that loyal customers are much more profitable – they spend 67% more – your clinic gets a boost in sales.

But it also gets a boost in referrals as well.

  • Word of Mouth Marketing

Did you know that loyal customers general more referrals for your business?

Private services generate a lot of buzz on their own, but when you combine this with the fact that loyal customers also generate more referrals as well, you drive a lot of business to your clinic by simply creating your own version of the “secret menu” at your acupuncture clinic.

How to Offer Private Services Using Yocale

Setting up private services with Yocale doesn’t look a lot different than setting up a standard service.

Step 1: From your email drop-down menu, select Manage > Services

Step 2: Underneath your list of services, select ‘+Add Service’

From here, you want to fill out all of the details about private service, like can the name of the service, the price, the duration, and other details about your particular service.

Again, setting up a private service is exactly the same as setting up any regular service. So, if you are already familiar with adding services to your calendar, this step will be a standard one for you.

However, if you are new to adding services, you can check out these step-by-step instructions on the Yocale Help Center.

Step 3: Select ‘Hide This Service.’

The final step before saving your changes is to simply select ‘Hide This Service’ as you can see in the screenshot below:

Again, ‘Hiding This Service’ will enable you to book private services on your own calendar, but clients will not be able to book these private services online.

Step 4: ‘Save’ your changes.

Wrapping It Up

There are a lot of unique booking situations when your clinic may want to offer private services and add them to your own calendar but without having them appear on your public calendar.

Beyond these practicalities, private services effectively create a ‘secret menu’ at your clinic and allow you to tap into the scarcity principle and the idea of exclusiveness. The result is more bookings, more customer loyalty and more sales.


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