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How to Boost Your Search Traffic Using Email Marketing

This is a guest post by Kimberly Maceda.

It’s no secret that email marketing automation has no ‘direct’ impact on your search ranking and traffic. But to take email marketing for granted when planning your SEO strategies is not a good idea.

While search engines cannot crawl your email content and your massive email list cannot make your pages rank higher, email marketing can still do wonders in boosting your search traffic and backing up your SEO albeit indirectly. It can keep your audience engaged in your brand and drive them to your pages to help increase your website traffic. Since almost all things in the web are interconnected, it is not far that your email marketing efforts can start a domino effect on your search traffic.

Read on to know the best email marketing practices you can implement to take your SEO strategies a notch higher for better search traffic.

Grow Your Email List

Your email list is the lifeblood of your email marketing campaign. You must never be too complacent on the number of contacts that you have in your database. Remember, it shouldn’t be just about growing your email list. You have to build a highly engaged email list to ensure the quality of your subscribers.

The more engaged subscribers you have, the higher the chance of driving more visitors to your website assets such as product pages, resources, and blog content. High traffic suggests that your website content is important, helping your pages rank higher in page results.  

Aside from your Contact Us page, you can put signup forms in different spots of your website to invite visitors to subscribe to your email updates. You can turn your social media followers into email subscribers by encouraging them to sign up for your e-newsletters or exclusive offers you send via email.  Offline, you can collect email addresses through survey forms.

Encourage Engagement Using Email

If you regularly publish blog posts and resources on your website, be sure to promote them to your email subscribers to increase engagement. You can start by creating a segmentation for highly engaged subscribers to make sure that you are hitting the right contacts. These are those who click, read, and comment on your blog posts.

In your email, you can encourage readers to share their thoughts about your blog posts by leaving a comment. Reply to each comment to start a conversation and engage them further. Be sure that your social sharing buttons are immediately noticeable, and invite them to spread the information to their social media friends. This can help drive referral traffic to your content, and the rest will follow.

Hook Your Subscribers On Your Content

Improve the previous strategy further by keeping visitors coming back and engaged with more content. Returning visitors are engaged visitors. They only need a little push, which you can provide with a series of relevant content.

You can start by producing a pool of content about the kinds of topics which your subscribers are more engaged in to ensure that you are sending them what they want to receive. To further personalize the content you are sending, you can set up a drip campaign in which subscribers will only receive new blog posts about a particular topic if they have read a certain blog post on a relevant topic.

Onsite engagement can help increase the authority of your site, so be sure to nail this by keeping subscribers engaged with content.

Recycle And Repurpose Your Email Content

We’re pretty sure that you have a couple of emails with highly engaging and informative content. If you’re not sure about this, then check the analytics of your email marketing automation software to identify which emails are engaging your recipients. Anyway, the point is to make these performing emails work for you again by turning them into blog content.

For instance, the Top 10 Winter Collection email of an online store can be repurposed into a blog post titled “Top 10 Winter Ensembles to Add to Your Wardrobe.” For short emails, synthesize the ideas from three to five emails to produce one large infographic or resource article. When you do this, it is important to insert internal links that are relevant to your blog post as a basic SEO strategy.

The great thing about this tactic is that you are providing deeper insights into the kind of content your subscribers like while you are producing new content to rank for.

In the digital world where everything is interconnected, forgetting email marketing as part of your SEO efforts is a big mistake. Using these email marketing practices can help send signals to search engines that you have authority in your niche, which can lead to a boost in your search traffic.

Author Bio: Kimberly Maceda is a Content Writer for ActiveTrail. She comes up with brilliant content about email marketing and marketing automation to keep customers updated with the trends. ActiveTrail allows you to implement a goal-driven marketing automation program through features such as comprehensive analytics, A/B testing, dynamic customer segmentation, autoresponders, and more. It allows you to maximize your campaign results, improve your metrics, and increase revenue easily.

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