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How to Create A Superstar Team For Your Salon

Thriving salons have a strong team behind them.

A strong team keeps your salon running as smoothly as the silkiest hair. A strong team drives customer loyalty and makes your salon more profitable. 

Remember, your team is the very face of your salon, which means that your team is what makes your salon stands out from the rest.

As you will see, a superstar team is created through a mixture of clearly defined values, a strong culture and the use of technology like salon appointment scheduling software to empower every single member of your team.

Here is how to create a superstar team for your salon.

1. Define Your Core Values

The foundation of a strong salon is one with a clear vision: a salon that knows its values. This sounds abstract, but allow us to go into more detail.

Simply put, what does your salon care most about? Put another way, how do you want to conduct business?

Do you want to exceed expectations? Do you value excellence? What about customer service?

Salons must focus on a select few values (and not a long list of values) from which to base all of their decisions.

Once you have defined your values, developing a strong culture will focus on how can your salon embody these values with their behaviour – but more on this to come.

These values should be reinforced regularly through one-on-one conversations and during team meetings as well.

Ultimately, your salon’s values are what will unite your staff as your staff will become ambassadors for your very brand once they know what you stand for.

Your values are like the glue that will hold your salon together.

If your employees know what is important, your employees will align their actions with these values. If they think your salon values profits above all else, they may focus on delivering quick service in order to fit in as many clients as possible, therein sacrificing quality service in the process.

If your employees think that the customer is always right, they may be fearful of making mistakes and therefore fall behind as a result.

But in order to become ambassadors for your brand, you have to understand what your salon’s values. Your staff must understand this as well.

Once you know your values and what you stand for, you can begin to make hiring decisions based on employees who share your company vision.

Management today is moving away from hiring employees on skills alone; talent must also align with a salon’s vision as well. As they say, skills can be taught but a shared vision can’t.

In short, the hiring process is an important one. Instead of asking genetic interview questions, focus on asking more pointed questions that actually pertain to your salon’s vision.

Once your values are clearly defined, you can begin developing internal processes for how you want your employees to carry about various tasks.

2. Develop a Strong Company Culture (i.e Engaged Employees)

A strong company culture allows your team to grow; it means having a team that feels enriched in what they do. This improves all areas of your salon and results in growth for your salon in the process.

Culture and vision are often used interchangeably, but they are very different. Simply put, your values shape your company culture. In other words, how will you live out your salon’s values?

If your primary value is all about exceeding expectations, how can you embody this in your salon? Perhaps you train your stylists to offer a beverage during their appointment and deliver a 15-minute massage with their hair washing.

“Culture” is a buzzword that you hear echoed in a lot in the business world. Most people tend to think about big companies like Google and Facebook. While the idea of ‘company culture’ is a particularly trendy topic at the moment, it is an important one. It carries a lot of weight.

If salons want to create a superstar team, they too should think about developing a strong company culture themselves.

A strong company culture means having engaged employees. Engaged employees are the ones who are enthusiastic about what they do, about the future of the company. They do more for your salon.

For engaged employees, being part of your salon is more than a job.

Research shows that engaged employees are more profitable, productive and are less likely to turn over.

The problem with the idea of “culture,” however, is that many businesses are unsure what exactly ‘culture’ is or they have very superficial notions of how to a develop a strong one.

A strong culture is not just about posting your values on the wall, about being able to bring your pets to work or about having great snacks (although snacks never hurt).

So, how can salons create a great company culture (and a superstar team as a result)?

  • Embrace Transparency. While company culture takes time to build, Modern Salon says that salons can improve their culture by ensuring that leaders embrace transparency. This means things like two-way communication, open door policies and openly resolving conflicts.
  • Show Employees That You Value Them. There are many different aspects to this, but communication is an important part; conflicts must be solved quickly. One way to ensure that conflicts are minimized in the first place is by ensuring that expectations are clearly set. This means explaining how you would like the front-desk to greet clients; it means showing your team how to deal with conflict, like how to deal with an unhappy client. It means showing them how you would like to sell products at your salon.

In addition to communication, giving your staff a certain level of autonomy to make their own decisions can also let them feel valued. Again, when employees feel valued, they become engaged.

    • Supporting Professional Development. Giving your team access to professional development opportunities to add to their skillset is another way to show your employees that you value them. In addition to supporting your team to add to their skill set (by reimbursing their tuition, for example), you can also create career paths within your salon so that your staff has goals to work toward.
  • Supporting Your Team In Areas They Need to Improve. This means giving them the tools they need to improve. This is an important part of positive conflict resolution. Shy stylists, for example, may feel uncomfortable to recommend products to clients. To solve this challenge, the salon might deliver in-house training, as one example. A strong company culture is all about recognizing areas of improvement and empowering your team to overcome them.

3. Use Salon Appointment Scheduling Software

Salon appointment scheduling is a critical part of creating a superstar team. It empowers your entire team to perform each of their individual jobs better. This elevates the entire salon by extension.

For your front-desk staff, your salon scheduler reduces the burden of administrative tasks like salon scheduling so that the front-desk staff can focus on providing better customer service. It automates client reminders/notifications and rebooking reminders. It reduces conflict (and a loss of profits) that can happen by eliminating double bookings.

A salon scheduler also empowers hair stylists. Again, your stylists do not have to worry about the burden of asking clients to rebook after each appointment. But it also does much more than that. A client dashboard, for example, allows stylists to attach personal notes; this could be about their hair preferences, their favourite products and so on.

Stylists can review this information prior to appointments to deliver more personalized customer service. Further, the client dashboard also allows clients to set alerts and reminders; this could be a reminder that the customer has VIP service and can redeem their points.

This is the sort of customer service that makes your salon stand out from the rest.

Finally, a salon scheduler empowers management by giving them the tools to manage all aspects of a salon much more efficiently.

Here are a few examples:

Your salon scheduler will come with unlimited staff calendars so that every stylist has their own schedule embedded into the main scheduler. This will contain the services that they offer and the times they have available. Again, this also makes it easy for clients to pick a stylist, a service and a time that works best for them.

Features like an inventory manager allow you to ensure your salon’s products are always in stock.

As far as marketing goes, salon appointment scheduling software embeds your business schedule right into Google Search and Google Maps so that you can be discovered and booked straight from Google, giving your salon a competitive edge.

Further, you can build a database of clients that are interested in your services and products. Now that you know who your customers are, you can then follow up with surveys and craft more powerful marketing campaigns based on this information.

Wrapping It Up

Creating a superstar team is about defining your salon’s values, putting them into practice by developing a strong culture and using salon appointment scheduling software to empower all members of your team by giving them the tools and the hand they need.

What are your tips for creating a superstar team for your salon?


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