How to Get Better Results from Facebook Ads

Facebook has the most personal information of all your clients and the great part about it is that you can now pin point your ads so specifically that you basically can get directly in front of your customers, right at the time they are looking around online and then using metrics and data, create messages and images that brings you immediate bookings or sales.  You never have to throw your money at blind advertising opportunities again (ie: pizza boxes, yellow pages, newspapers, flyers, bus stands etc.) Be where your customers are looking!  On their phones – remember, in our current culture, 95%+ of the media we consume comes from a screen, not a piece of paper or street side sign.

Facebook ads can seem intimidating but with such a low entry fee ($5), you can get started right away.  Think, if you were ready to spend $300 per month on a basic yellow pages ad, what if you took that same $300 and invested it in Facebook ads.  First, you’d be able to tell your ROI right away (Facebook shows you all the results of clicks, likes, video view time).  No guessing, no sales person throwing jargon at you – it’s all there for you to look at.  Run ten $30 campaigns, all interspersed with relevant content for your users.  Build content with a specific click to action: do you want them to Like your page? Book an appointment? Buy Now? Let them see that clearly and do it right away.  The easier you make it for you clients to find you, buy, book and like your stuff – they more likely they will.

Just remember, as you play in the social media world, you need to GIVE and then ask (ie: ask for sales/likes).  The giving part of the equation is posting relevant content.  Creating posts and more importantly videos that matter to your desired clients is going to set you apart as a professional as well as a valuable resource (Update! Facebook just changed their algorithm so that valuable content is now even more important than likes or clicks).  This is your online currency.  The more traffic to your posts, the more people who will see your ads and asks.  Don’t picture advertising on Facebook as a pitching practice of only throwing ads out there, rather see it as a game of catching and receiving, adapting to what happens in the game but most importantly, stay active and fresh.  Plan your daily action on Facebook, make it part of your business ritual.  Your marketing doesn’t need to take A LOT of time, but 10 mins every day consistently will definitely pay off.

There’s a lot of detailed instructions on how to do Facebook ads, it’s a simple click-through process.  Start experimenting! For the price of a latte you can start sharing simple Facebook ads with your target audience. [bctt tweet=”For the price of a latte you can start sharing simple Facebook ads with your target audience.”] If you don’t know what to share, take your most popular post or marketing campaign idea and use that.  Simple is better, be really specific with your target audience, make sure your links work(!), take clients right to where they can purchase or book or like.

Run the campaign and then the most important part is to look at your results. If it worked, do it again, if it didn’t get the results you wanted, try something else.  Our strategy at Yocale is to look at our weekly posts, see which one garnered the most organic likes or comments and then either boost that post or create an ad similar to that post.  This makes it really easy to systemize the process and we are always forced to look at what is working and what isn’t so we can adapt to our current audience and grow our community.

Return on investment means getting actual sales from investing in ads.  The beautiful part about digital marketing is that you can get those exact numbers – for x-dollars, we got y-sales.  Pretty awesome!  Learning from each ad campaign, adapting and being consistent will allow you to increase your sales and actually decrease your marketing costs as your efficiency goes up.


  1. Start with one Facebook ad campaign for the price of a latte.
  2. Share relevant pictures and videos that have already gotten likes on your Facebook page.
  3. Make sure your url link works and it’s really easy to buy, book or like!
  4. Look at your results, adapt and repeat.
  5. Continue doing this, remember the $300 Yellowpages ad listing? Now you have control to really get the results you want at a fraction of the cost.
  6. Keep track of your monthly cost -> click -> sale ratio’s.
Pearson’s Law: “That which is measured improves. That which is measured and reported improves exponentially.” – Karl Pearson

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