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How To Get Online Bookings Through Facebook Mobile

With 2 billion monthly active users, Facebook is the definitive king of social networks.

On top of keeping you in-touch with your high school classmates or older relatives, Facebook has evolved to become an invaluable marketing and business resource. Due to its versatile functionality and growing online integration, users are more likely than ever to use to assist nearly every aspect of their lives – including shopping, location searching, and even online booking.

Many of these users aren’t at home, parked in front of their home computers, either. 56.5 percent of them access Facebook exclusively through their smartphones, relying on the platform to provide them with quick mobile solutions wherever they are.

If you run a business or service that relies on customer bookings, skipping out on this demographic could mean losing a sizeable chunk of potential clientele.

Luckily, setting up online booking through Facebook and maximizing your potential customer base couldn’t be easier – or more worth it.

But before we get to set things up, here are a few reasons why we believe offering online booking via Facebook is the way to go.

Cater To A Large, Growing Audience

We’ve written previously about the importance of offering online appointment scheduling, and what we mentioned still rings true.

In 2019, an estimated 986 million appointments will be booked online, according to Accenture. With technology only continuing to improve and expand, you can bet a significant portion of those bookings will be from mobile devices!

Future-proof your business strategy and ensure you’ve got your bases covered by offering mobile booking. Trust us, your clients will thank you.

Powerful, Intuitive Placement

Despite being easy-to-use, Facebook business pages can often be overloaded with information and links which complicate the end-user experience. Potential customers may get a glimpse at a brand or service, but may not be properly guided by the page to take action.

This is where Facebook’s Call to Action button comes in. Located in a visible and attractive location at the top of your page, it will draw customers by providing a clear destination for them, driven by their curiosity.

Best of all, once you fine-tune your CTA button to your liking, it will operate identically across both Facebook desktop and mobile. Set it and forget it. 

On mobile interfaces, this is particularly crucial. Mobile users are typically looking to take action quickly and with minimal hassle. 

Upon being referred to your Facebook page via Google, they’ll likely only want to spend a few seconds before spotting that eye-catching book now button. If they can’t find it – well, it’s safe to say they’ll be backing out and searching for a local alternative.

It can be a tough lesson to learn, but as it turns out, ease-of-use is everything!

Track And Measure Success With User Statistics

Facebook will also provide you with real-time feedback on how your CTA button is performing by tracking the number of clicks. This can be a valuable resource for monitoring your success on the platform.

Once your page is up-and-running, you can view these statistics by hovering over your CTA button and clicking View Insights.

Additionally, your page will be fully integrated with Facebook’s advertising system, allowing you to create paid ad campaigns to further promote your services across the site. A nice bonus, no doubt!

How To Set Up Your Call To Action Button

So, it’s time to get started!

First of all, you’ll need a Facebook business page if you don’t already have one – they’re free, by the way. 

Once you’re all set up, the next step is configuring your call to action page button, which appears near the top of the screen. The Facebook CTA button works by allowing you to choose an action based on your business type. 

In this case, we want your button to say “Book now.” Click the edit button beside your header, and it’ll open the button selection page dialogue.

Choose the first option, Book Services, and next, Book Now.

From here, you’ll be able to direct users to your online booking web page. If you’re ahead of the game and your business is already fully integrated with online scheduling software, you would use that link.

Paste in your link of choice and hit Create. If you’re editing an already existing CTA button, this option will be displayed as Save Changes.

That’s it! To confirm that your audience is being redirected to the right place, hover over your CTA button and click the Test Button option. 

You’re good to go! With prospective clients now clearly drawn to take action via your easily identifiable, clearly labeled button, you can anticipate more bookings to come your way.

We hope we’ve been of assistance! You can also expect new articles – covering a broad range of online business tips and strategies – right here, five days a week, on the Yocale blog.

Catch you next time – and here’s to your continued success!

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