How To Get The Most Out Of Free Booking Software

There is no question that booking software will get you more bookings, save thousands of dollars and make your business more efficient.

Once your scheduling software is set up, all you need to do is sit back and allow your online scheduler to take over.

For the most part.

Chances are, you could be getting more out of your booking software by understanding your business goals and with a few extra tweaks.

1. Take Advantage of All Aspects of Automation

One of the major benefits of booking software is the fact that will automate so many aspects of the scheduling process, from confirmations of upcoming appointments to rebooking reminders.

In turn, your receptionists and administrative staff will have more time to spend cultivating relationships with your customers and will spend less time on the phone.

But, if your receptionists are still devoting a large portion of their day to these tasks, even though the technology is able to do it for them, you’re not going to be getting the most out of your scheduling software.

The goal is to completely give the reigns to your online scheduler: that’s where you will see the most benefits.

Don’t do the work that it can do for you.

2. Make Use Of All Integrations (Website, Facebook, Etc.)

The next best way to ensure that you get the most out of your booking software is to ensure that you have leveraged every possible route that potential customers can book your services.

Not only will potential customers be able to find you on your scheduling software’s online marketplace, but you also want to make sure that you take advantage of any additional integrations, like website and Facebook as well.

Setting up these integrations will ensure that customers who end up on your website or Facebook page can book your services right then and there.


When you make it for your customers to book your services, they will be much more likely to do so.

We’ve said it before, but remember: 30% of all online shopping carts are abandoned due to complicated checkouts and the same premise applies to appointment-based businesses as well.

Make it easy on your customers to book your services. Meet them wherever they are.

3. Familiarize Yourself With The Features & Understand Your Business Goals

When it comes to getting the most of your scheduling software, you have to first understand what features are available to you.

Of course, it goes without saying that you will take advantage of more obvious things like online bookings. But an online scheduler is also a lot more powerful than this and can do a lot more for your business.

So, begin by taking some time to invest into learning about what features are available and how they work.

Next, understand what your goals for your business are. Do you want to focus more on customers instead of spending so much time on the phone?

Do you want to improve your invoicing processes?

Once you have your goals in mind, figure out what features will allow you to achieve your goals.

Don’t hesitate to contact your scheduling software provider, either. They want to see businesses succeed and will be more than happy to ensure that you are utilizing the most important features as it relates to your own goals.

4. List Your Business with Reserve with Google

Reserve with Google is akin to putting your business on, with the exception being that it’s on a Google level. In short, Google has now made it possible for visitors to book your services directly from Google itself. That’s a lot of traffic for your business!

If your booking software has partnered with Google to offer Reserve with Google, ensure that you have taken the necessary steps to ensure that your business is listed.

The Bottom Line

Your booking software will take care of the most obvious things, like online appointments. But as you know, your online scheduler can do a lot more than this.

We also suggest that you allow enough time for your scheduling software to become integrated into your workflow. This always takes time. But eventually, the goal is to make it possible for businesses to completely rely on your scheduling software.

Lastly, don’t hesitate to reach out to your booking software provider.

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