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How To Incorporate Photo Booths Into Your Digital Marketing Strategy

How To Incorporate Photo Booths Into Your Digital Marketing Strategy

This is a guest post by Julio Amorim.

Looking for a way in which you can offer your target audience a unique advertising experience, but uncertain how you can go about this? A trend which is sweeping the market is the use of photo booth apps within digital marketing strategies. Sounds interesting, right? But just how does a photo booth or photo booth application do this and meet business objectives?

What’s In It For Me

Putting Your Brand In Pole Position

When photo booths and complimentary apps are set up, they’re done with a specific purpose and that’s to ensure they’re brand aligned with the rest of the marketing campaign. The physical photo booth as well as the image border can be carefully put together to include your businesses branding and even contact information. When these photos are posted and shared, your brand logo and contact details are displayed every time. This does wonders for businesses as it increases the chances of gaining a large quantity of word of mouth advertising.

An Activity For Consumers Of All Ages

Making use of a photo booth doesn’t have to be limited to a certain age group. As there isn’t much to the process of using the photo booth, this can be used by anyone of any age. From weddings, children’s parties, brand activities, product launches and staff functions, these are just some activities which can make use of a photo booth.

A Hassle Free Setup

Thanks to the endless technological advancements within the photo booth industry, using a photo booth app has never been easier.

When using a mobile photo booth application, you don’t have to worry about setting up backdrops and props, or having an external person running your photo booth for you. From making use of digital photo booth props, to having a variety of photo types; these can include, a still photo, making a boomerang and using a animated backdrop.

You also have the ability to pull your own analytics on how your photo booth performed as well as capture data of the users to add them to your database. There are so many benefits to this as you can discover a whole new group of potential customers you hadn’t been marketing to before.

Who wouldn’t enjoy a hassle free set up? In order to make use of the application, you need to download it from the Apple Store on your iPad. Once you’ve got the application the rest of the set up is easy:

  • Create your profile
  • Choose your subscription ( starter package or business package)
  • Create your event by adding it your profile calendar
  • Get your branding ready and incorporate it into the backdrop or frame
  • Start taking photos

How To Implement The Photo Booth Into Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Through Social Media Campaigns

Through platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter you can run various conversion campaigns to promote your upcoming event. These platforms can also be used as a form of brand awareness. At the time of the event, you can run what is a boosted post. 

Thanks to all things digital, you can offer users of the booth the option of uploading their pictures straight to their social media platforms. While in the process of uploading their pictures, you can request they like your social media pages or subscribe to your newsletter database.

Within your social media campaigns, users can also share their posts. This can result on an even bigger following seeing your brand and a potential increase in following your pages as well.

Your Email Marketing Campaign

Running photo booth and using photo booth software at your event gives you the opportunity to build up your database. The ripple effect of this is you now have a bigger target audience when it comes to your email marketing strategy and the opportunity to grow your brand even further.

If you’re looking at a way to increase awareness about having the photo booth, you can send out weekly or bi-weekly newsletters to your existing database. Within the newsletter you’ll have the opportunity to explain why you’ve got the photo booth, what it’ll be used for and how people can make use of it.

Integrating Your Website With Your Social Media Platforms

To increase traffic between your website and your social media platforms, your photo booth provides you with the perfect opportunity. As users can write on your Facebook page about their fun experience using the booth at the event, it can then be posted onto your website directly.

In today’s day and age, it pays to think outside the box and give your customers things they didn’t even know they wanted. Tap into the modern craze of filming every moment and capturing memories by making it easy for customers to remember their experiences.

These are only a few of the many reasons why it pays to deploy photo booth technology in your business. By harnessing this innovation you can effectively position your company in a crowded marketplace, providing something different to an ever discerning and fussy consumer market.

Author Bio: Julio Amorim, an entrepreneur at heart, is the founder and director of SNAPPIC, a cloud-based photo booth solution built for iOS and carefully designed to make running a photo booth company simple. Besides eating, dreaming and sleeping innovation, Julio enjoys playing football, socializing, and designing. 

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