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How To Keep Your Business Running Smoothly Even While You Travel

Whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure, it can be nerve-wracking to literally walk away from your business and hop on a plane.

You’ve likely built a relationship with your business and everything it encapsulates – including clients, staff, and more. This deep bond can make “letting go” for even just a few weeks challenging, and it’s common for business owners to be burdened by stress and doubt during these periods.

As always, the best way to ensure that your business runs smoothly and you remain worry-free while you travel is to plan accordingly. Just as you’ve had a hand in arranging your trip, preparing for the remote success of your business is paramount.

After all, without sufficient trip-planning, you won’t know where you’re headed – and the same applies to your business! Fail to plan, and you’ll be all over the map.

However, by following the techniques in this post, you’ll be able to skip the headaches and spare yourself the anxiety associated with poor planning. As a result, you’ll be able to bask in the present moment and enjoy yourself wherever you are – even with your head in the clouds.

So pack your bags, load up your trunk, and let’s take a look!

Review And Evaluate Your Commitments

Swamping yourself by taking on more responsibility and projects than you can handle before travelling is a great way to sabotage your travel plans and your mental health.

Take the time to re-evaluate your commitments and workload before heading off to the airport – you’ll thank us later!

If you have trouble sizing-up your workload, try writing down a list of tasks you’re considering taking with you. Attach a priority rating to each (low, medium or high) and then once again, review your list.

Now that your tasks are prioritized, the most crucial or weighty tasks should be at the top, with the least-pressing matters arranged at the bottom. You’ll likely want to select your carry-on tasks depending on what your journey entails.

Classically conscientious or “type A” personality types may want to tackle the high-priority tasks to ensure the job is done according to their standards. Others might want to delegate the high-priority tasks to other capable individuals while taking on some low-priority tasks, perhaps as a change of pace.

Neither approach is necessarily wrong and is largely dependant on the type of business you’re running and how you like to run it.

Automate What You Can

Because much of the world’s business runs on digital architecture, it’s possible to utilize automation and scheduling features to stay on-track, even if you’re halfway around the world.

For example, if you run a blog or website, create and schedule your content ahead of time to automatically post for you. Having a “buffer” of content ready-to-go will ensure your temporary absence isn’t felt in your business.

As far as social media management is concerned, platforms like Hootsuite, Buffer, and Zoho Social make scheduling and auto-posting content a breeze.

Or, if you’re looking to escape an impending flood of emails while you’re away, look into setting up an email auto-responder. You can do this quite easily with most email services, and typically they allow for a wide range of customization.

If you use Google’s Gmail, for example, here’s a helpful post on how to get started with an autoresponder for your inbox.

Stay Engaged Via Digital Communications

Just because you’re miles away, this doesn’t mean you can’t stay engaged with your business!

Depending on where you’re headed, internet access may be limited. However, if you have the option, take advantage of social media and digital communication platforms to stay engaged with your audience.

If your personality is a big part of your brand, make a point of sharing photos, holding live streams, or creating travel blogs. Even just a few pieces of content will go a long way towards maintaining your audience’s attention – stay active, stay relevant!

Or, if you run a service-based business, cloud-based software like Yocale can help you stay in touch with your operations, no matter where you are.

Using our provider app – available for both iPhone and Android devices – you’ll have access to your appointments, employee schedules, and clients – all in the palm of your hand. All that’s required is an internet connection!

Which brings us to our next segment…

Be Ready to Work Without Internet

With widespread urban connectivity and the proliferation of mobile tech, most of us might take internet access for granted these days.

That said, the same standards of accessibility don’t necessarily apply in every other country and territory – but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Do some research before your journey and find out whether or not you’ll be able to go online. If not, don’t fret – all this requires is a shift in strategy.

Instead of worrying about what you won’t be able to do, focus on what you can do.

Perhaps your long flights are best-spent by conducting some business planning or general brainstorming. Or, if you have dozens of documents to review, print them out and have them at the ready.

For many people, the privilege of constant internet access ends up being a distraction – so spend your time offline wisely and take the time to achieve focus and clarity. An involuntary sabbatical from the internet may prove liberating, and you may learn something about how you work along the way.

Everyone likes to travel differently. Some are obsessive planners, and others like to go with the flow.

Either way, neither approach is right or wrong.

When it comes it your business, the same philosophy applies. At the very least, we hope we’ve given you some ideas to play around with.

Happy travels!

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