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How To Keep Your Sales Going Strong After The Holidays

The holiday season means a boost in sales. In fact, some businesses earn the majority of their revenue during the holiday season alone.

The problem is that once January 1 rolls around, sales tend to dramatically decrease.

There are a couple of reasons for this: first, many shoppers have put their wallets away once the holidays are over. They have checked the balance on their credit cards and tell themselves to cut back in the new year.

Secondly, many businesses pull back their marketing efforts in order to reduce costs due to expensive holiday marketing.

Indeed, businesses tend to spend a significant amount of their marketing budget on the holidays, so in combination with a lack of consumer shopping, it makes sense to slow down in the new year, right?

This is actually the wrong approach.

People are still looking to buy in the new year; they are looking to have a productive, healthy more organized year and businesses can capitalize on this.

There is also a lot less of competition in the new year because many businesses similarly think that they should cut back on their marketing efforts.

This blog post will show you how you can keep your sales going strong even after the holidays.

1. Keep Your Marketing Efforts Consistent (Don’t Slow Down)

The new year is not a time to slow down your marketing efforts.

Digital marketing is connected; that means that slowing down one particular channel can affect all of them. For example, a decrease in paid search would inevitably lead to a drop in both direct and organic traffic to your site.

In general, you should aim to keep your marketing efforts relatively consistent if you can – that is especially true for paid ads, as you will see in the next section.

Keep the momentum going.

2. Take Advantage of the Lower Competition with Paid Ads

During the holiday season, the majority of businesses out there have invested a lot into holiday marketing. As such, all of them are competing with each other to be seen and heard.

But with many businesses pulling back in the New Year in an effort to cut costs, there is also a less competition – especially when it comes to paid ads.

Paid ads are a lot less expensive after the holidays as well. As such, businesses often end up with a greater return on investment and all at a lower cost.

3. Create Marketing Campaigns Around New Years Resolutions

When it comes to keeping sales going strong after the holidays, a big part of it comes down to marketing.

You need to alter your campaign based around the needs of your customers. The new year is all about new beginnings; people are looking to improve their health, productivity, organization and so on, so your marketing campaigns should be designed to meet these needs.

You don’t even need to wait until January 1st to alter your marketing campaigns, either. You can also begin your New Year’s marketing efforts while customers are feeling guilty about all of their holiday indulging – as soon as Christmas is over.

Remember: many retailers see an increase in sales around the New Year; so, if you can capitalize on this through New Years related marketing and discounts (more on this to come), the results will be great for business.

After the holidays, it’s also a good idea to build a more comprehensive campaign that includes social media, email and PPC. In this way, each channel compliments the other one and allows you to reach your target customer wherever you may find them.  

4. Start Email Marketing Right Away

The holiday season should have extended your mailing list. As soon as the holidays are over, you want to act.

The name of the game is targeted email campaigns.

These customers and leads have just given you their email address; you want to continue to stay relevant and reveal your value proposition.

Waiting to connect with these people at a later date means that you’re giving yourself a chance to make these new leads and customers forget all about you.

Remember, these people want to hear from you. Holiday shopping may be over, but people are looking to enhance themselves via their New Years goals; tailoring your emails around these goals, in combination with a strong value proposition, and you will find that customers will respond.

Here are 13 sales email templates that are particularly great for the New Year.

The idea here is to also send discounts and incentives their way (more on this below).

Of course, you won’t want to go overboard with your email marketing, either. This will just give people a reason to unsubscribe – especially when people are typically in the purging mindset in the New Year.

When it comes to email marketing, a powerful technique is also marketing automation.

The idea here is to leverage the power of marketing automation through things like subscription renewal reminders or custom product recommendations based on previous purchases.

These automated messages are based on certain triggers, like the signing up of a newsletter, making a purchase and so on.

Nevertheless, the point is that marketing automation can lead to conversion rates that are high as 50%. This is a very powerful way to drive more sales after the holidays.

Here’s an example of how Sephora uses marketing automation to drive more sales; once a customer becomes a VIP member, product recommendations are sent to them that is based on how much they’ve spent, as you will see below.


In short, start your email marketing efforts right away – focus on providing value, but don’t go overboard with too many emails, either. Also implement the power of marketing automation.

5. Offer Discounts and Incentives

Discounts and incentives always work well. In this particular case, they give customers a reason to continue shopping in January and beyond.

Examples here include winter or New Years sales or discounts for repeat buyers. For example, you can give 20% discount if they visit you again in the New Year.

Other ideas include winter clearances or bulk buy discounts. You can also give away small gifts with purchases or expand your loyalty program. Ensure that you also invite first-time buyers into your loyalty program as well.

Offering discounts and other incentives is a great way to drive more sales after the holidays.

6. Retarget

The holiday season brought in a huge surplus of both new and old customers to your website. But not all of them converted.

One of the best ways to keep sales going strong after the holidays have ended is to retarget those exact customers who visited your website but failed to convert the first time.

Retargeting allows you to display banners to those who visited your landing pages but left without converting. You can also retarget via search, emails and social media.

Visitors are more than 70% likely to convert with retargeting.

7. Sell More Gift Cards During the Holidays

Another way to increase sales after the holidays is by selling more gift cards during the holiday season. Many people often spend more than the amount allocated on their gift card. In fact, more than half of consumers end up spending more; 6% of all gift cards go entirely unused.

Moreover, people with gift cards are 2.5 more times likely to pay full-price for an item.

So, using campaigns to sell more gift cards during the holiday season can translate to a lot of profits in the new year.

8. Sign Up For Reserve with Google (Appointment-Based Businesses)

Appointment-based businesses like salons, gyms/fitness centers and so on, will be able to keep sales going strong after the holidays by signing up for Reserve with Google if they haven’t already. Reserve with Google is entirely free.

Reserve with Google now allows appointment-based businesses to book appointments straight from Google Search.

Whenever someone types in a particular service into Google, they will see a Google Book button that will allow them to book an appointment next to your Google listing.

It’s just like putting your site on sites like Expedia or

Keep in mind that in order to have access to Reserve with Google, you have to be using a scheduling software like Yocale in order to do so.

The point, however, is that businesses who are using scheduling software (that has partnered with Google) will stand out a lot more on search than those without the Google ‘Book Now’ button.

You can sign up for free here.

The Bottom Line

Sales don’t have to slump after the holidays. In fact, the New Year offers a great marketing opportunity for businesses to capitalize on people’s desire to become better versions of themselves.

There is also a lot less competition after the holidays as well, which is great in terms of paid search.

Above all, keep your momentum going strong even after the holidays. There is no reason to slow down.

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