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How To Schedule Your Next Client Appointment Using And GoToMeeting

Offering one-on-one screen time with your clients or customers is a great way to build long-lasting bonds and trust. While you could talk over the phone or via Skype, there are more convenient and better ways to get in contact with the people that matter. and GoToMeeting are great examples. They offer all the functionality of something like Skype, but with additional features that make them a better fit for businesses.

By making the switch, you can skip the hang-ups of swapping account names, connection errors, and manual scheduling, allowing you and your business to offer more value to your clients than ever before.

Let’s take a look! is easy-to-use and best of all, works right through your web browser – there are no downloads required for you or your clients.

Meet and keep in touch with customers worldwide

If your services are available globally, offers a toll-free option with their integrated OpenVoice service. This lets you accept connections from a list of over fifty countries, enabling your customers to call in from all over the world without having to pay a cent.

If offering personalized one-on-one time with your clients is important to you and your business, this toll-free option is a fantastic way to build relations with potential customers all over the world. By selecting which countries you’d like to accept calls from, you can substantially grow your clientele and create strong bonds with them, border-free.

Screen Sharing

Another great feature of is the ability to screen-share.

Trying to get across an idea or a complicated process to customers or peers through words alone can be tedious and frustrating.

With, you can skip the headaches and show your audience exactly what you’re talking about directly from your computer screen. Once set up, they’ll see exactly what you’re seeing.

If that’s a little too invasive for your liking, you can also choose to share only a specific window with your viewer(s). This feature, however, requires a PRO account.

Easy Scheduling

This is an easy feature to love. offers meeting scheduling built right in, which works great if you run a service-based business, or even if you just like to stay organized.

Through the site, you can enter a specific time and date for your meeting, name it, and add participants by email address. Once your appointment is scheduled, the participants you specified will be emailed with a link to join just before the specified time.

Your customers or clients won’t have to download a thing. There’s no need for skype username-swapping or messing around with account details.

Upon receiving the email, your users will be able to join you right through their web browser. It’s as simple as that.

For even more added convenience, also offers a way to schedule a meeting within your Outlook, Office 365, Google calendar, or integratable online schedulers like Yocale via downloadable apps.

This is perfect if you offer online appointment booking. One look at your business calendar and you’ll know exactly what your meeting schedule looks like for the week.

Pricing offers two pricing plans, although it can be used for free on a limited basis. PRO ($22/month annually, CAD) allows you 50 meeting participants, 10 video feeds, unlimited audio with international lines, and further customization options. PRO ($36/month annually, CAD) allows you all the PRO features plus 250 meeting participants, user management, feature management, and enterprise authentication SSO.


Like, GoToMeeting also offers a browser-based online meeting environment with minimal frustration. The difference between the two lies in GTM’s larger and more extensive functionality, which scales well to serve larger businesses.

GoToMeeting does offer the scheduling, screen-sharing, and toll-free options of, although there may be some differences in pricing.

More App-Integration

Compared to, GoToMeeting offers a lot more supported apps. Their “integration marketplace” is full of ways to set up GTM with dozens of other services that work well in tandem.

For example, you could use HubSpot to create elegant landing pages where users could register for your seminar or meeting. From here, you can send them reminders before the event, and follow-up emails afterward.

There are a lot of opportunities for cross-functionality with GoToMeeting, making it easy to recommend in this area.

Represent Your Brand Professionally

Another great feature of GoToMeeting is that it offers you a dedicated connection URL for your business. This means your clients will know exactly where to go when it’s time to talk.

This is great if you have repeat appointments with customers, or if you just want to maintain consistency.

You’ll get to choose your own room name and URL (if available), and once it’s yours, it’s yours for keeps, unless changed!

Solutions For Big Business

If you’re expecting to have large-scale meetings with multiple participants in a video conference room setting, GoToMeeting has you covered here, too.

Their InRoom Link service works with any H.323-enabled conference room from manufacturers like Polycom, Lifesize, Cisco, and others. Once set up, your camera and mic will be recognized by GoToMeeting, and you’ll be good to go.

Or, if you don’t have the hardware set up, their GoToConference hardware bundle supplies you with a webcam, Chromebox computer, USB conference phone, and a touchpad keyboard – everything you need to start talking.


GoToMeeting offers three pricing plans, although it can be used for free on a limited basis.

Starter ($26/month annually, CAD) allows you 10 meeting participants, screen sharing, 1-click meetings, dial-in conference line, and HD video conferencing.

Pro ($39/month annually, CAD) allows you 50 meeting participants, all the starter features plus drawing tools, recording options, a personal meeting room, mobile apps, and keyboard & mouse sharing.

Plus ($64/month annually, CAD) allows you 100 meeting participants, all the pro and starter features plus an active directory and sightboard.

Yocale offers built in features that integrate and GoToMeeting right into your business to make your next consulting call and online meeting seamless within your Yocale dashboard.

Hopefully, we’ve got you thinking about web conferencing options for your business and how they can make the lives of both you and your customers a whole lot easier!

If you’d like to have your service based business incorporate web conferencing tools like Go To Meeting and Join.Me within your business calendar than get in touch with us today!

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