How to Sell a Home During a Pandemic

Real estate is a tricky business to get the hang of – however, individuals who do learn the tricks of the game find themselves pretty successful in no time. Real estate agents spend a lot of time and money obtaining their licenses and in order to achieve longevity and success in the field, you may need to conduct a little research.

The real estate industry is a dynamic and volatile field – it is constantly changing for better or for worse. As a real estate agent it is up to you to perform and maintain your status quo within the industry despite the ever changing circumstances, and the following tips and methods will help you tremendously in your journey:

  1. You need to be prepared and available 24/7

You can not really clock out while working in real estate – any time of the day you should be available to take questions and answer queries for your clients. Real estate buying decisions are difficult due to them being capital intensive. Your client may decide on a house at one moment and then change their mind an hour later. Hence, it is necessary that you be available at all times to catch your client in the moment when they give you a call to confirm the deal. This is where online booking becomes prevalent. With the help of a free appointment scheduling software & booking app, you can get bookings even while you sleep.

Different clients may have different preferences for communication and to keep up with the demand, customization is key. Client A prefers to call while Client B prefers emails – you need to stay up to date on each preference and an all in one solution scheduling software provides the flexibility you need while catering to your prestigious clients.

Additionally, offering online booking enhances your accessibility and online visibility. With opportunities like Reserve with Google, potential clients can book you directly online, effortlessly.

2. You need to follow safety protocols

In the epoch of Covid-19, safety protocols are a necessity. For instance, many homeowners have temporarily halted listing their properties to avoid strangers in and out of their homes.

However, there is an easy solution to apply; Select a booking software that has Electronic Form capabilities. E-Forms will allow you to screen clients in advance for Covid-19 symptoms, receive signatures for waiver forms, encode sanitization protocols, inter alia! Save time, money and energy.

If you have condo amenities with limited capacity, use an online amenity reservation system. This enables you to reserve time frames for showing amenities to customers safely.

3. You need to have a marketing strategy

With real estate its all about trust: the trust your clients have on you determines your number of sales. Hence it is necessary that you have a sound marketing plan put together. You may need to optimize your customers’ experience and have presence on all major social media platforms. If you can afford to, you should have a presence in traditional marketing mediums as well. 

It is also necessary that you come up with at least one annual marketing campaign. It puts your name out there to remind your customers and potential clients about your presence in the market. When it comes to marketing, it’s all about thinking out of the box. It can help you to have a very successful marketing campaign without spending too much money.

4. You need to build relationships

As a real estate agent it is necessary that you build relationships with the people around you irrespective of your setting – whether you are in a social or professional setting, making contacts is key to your success as a real estate agent. You never know which potential contact could recommend you as a realtor to their friends, family or colleagues in need and hence you need to put yourself out there constantly. 

Additionally, irrespective of the financial status of your client, you need to provide each client with the same level of respect and consideration in absolutely all of your business dealings with them.

5. You need to set goals for yourself

You should take the time to sit down and actually write goals for yourself as a realtor. It is easier to realize your goals and dreams when you have them written down and hence that’s what you should do as well as a realtor. It is important that you realize where you want to be headed in your career as a real estate agent in order to actually make that happen. You goals need to be specific and attainable – do not write things that  are too difficult to achieve and too good to be true.

Additionally, as a real estate agent one of your main goals should be customer satisfaction. If you ensure that you meet your client’s needs and actually hear them out without paying much consideration to your profitability, you are sure to succeed. This is because if your customers are satisfied with you, they are likely to give you business in the future as well and recommend you in their circles and social settings.

6. You need to be knowledgeable

You need be knowledgeable in the field of real estate in order to be successful. In a world where all information is available online, you need to stand out and offer your clients something that the internet can not – knowledge and experience. Ensure that you know the required law, and your client knows that they are in safe hands, and you are experienced in the field of real estate so you can succeed and give them much more value than an internet blog ever could.

Stay up to date on all current real estate news and need to be aware of all properties on the block. You need to know where your customer could find what they are looking for at a certain price and what their property could value up to in the future.

7. You need to implement the right technology and software

In order to handle your business operations in the right manner, you need to employ the right software and technology in order to handle all your client data. It can be difficult to keep up with all your buying and selling clients and their needs and preferences and hence it is necessary that you store all client data in a safe software that allows you to navigate and consult data when and as needed. For instance, you can always opt for popular CRM for Real Estate Agents.

It is also necessary that this software can be used on multiple devices so that your office laptop, home laptop, phones and tablet – all are connected and synced with each other at all times. This is because as a real estate agent you never sleep and you need to work when and as required. Hence, you need to make sure you have all available data and information on your hands whenever required and that you can easily reach that data. 

As a real estate agent beginning their journey, the industry can be overwhelming. However, with persevere and a little technology to provide a safe and enjoyable experience, success is inevitable.

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