How to Set Up Automatic Rebooking Reminders in Yocale

Automated Rebooking Reminders and follow up messages are called Interactions in Yocale and they are managed in the Client files.

Businesses and Providers can book future follow-up messages to remind clients that it’s time to book a return visit.

This feature allows Yocale customers to save a tremendous amount of effort managing this process as well as increase potential revenues by sending a gentle reminder to book an appointment for a return visit.

You can manage your email reminders and follow-ups from the Interactions button on your Client Management page:

Click the “Interactions” Button on the Client Details Page.


Client Information

The above action opens the “Client Email Follow-up” page as indicated below where you can start scheduling your email follow-ups.

Follow the steps 1 -3 then click on the “Schedule Emails”Button.

Schedule Client Emails

Here is a bit more detail on each of the elements of interaction.

  • Select Client:  Choose which client to send emails to from the list of clients. The services list and availability of the feature will be based on the client you choose.
  • Select Dates:   The follow-ups can be in the form of one single follow-up appointment or multiple periodic follow-up appointments such as a bi-weekly massage sessions.
  • Follow-up on: Select the radio button if you wish to set up a single follow-up appointment. NOTE: You cannot set a date that is earlier than today or before today.
  • Follow-up every:  Select the follow-up every radio button if you wish to set up a recurring reminder.
  • Months until:  Choose the end date of when to stop sending emails. Note that you cannot schedule emails past your subscription end date, or the subscription end date of the business that this client sees you at.
  • Schedule Emails Button: When you click on this button, the system quickly calculates the number of emails to be scheduled and displays this on the label as “Schedule X Emails”, where X is the number of emails to be scheduled.

The scheduled emails generated will be displayed directly below in the “Messages” table sorted by date in chronological order.

  • Date:  This column displays the date the follow-up will be sent/was sent
  • Type:  The value here will always be Email for now until expand to support SMS reminders
  • Subject: This is the subject matter of the reminder
  • Show Sent Emails:  When this box is checked, then this table will display all past emails listed in chronological order, marked with the text “Sent”.
  • Delete Button:  A “Delete” button is available next to each future email listed.  If needed,  you can use this button to delete a scheduled email.

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