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How to Start a Digital Marketing Agency in 2020

Digital marketing agency

It can be very intimidating to follow new marketing business tendencies and start a brand new digital agency. However, it can be a suitable alternative for your needs, especially if you are willing to take risks. Therefore, I’ve gathered the ultimate guide necessary to make it easier for you to win in this digital marketing world battle.

 All Businesses Need Resources!

From financial to human resources, you’ll have to double-check if you’ve got everything you need to start or renew your agency. This type of business can be expensive. If you don’t have the necessary initial outlay, a great tool to find these financial resources can be starting up a business line of credit at Lendza

Staff, licenses, fees, and travel or additional expenses can appear and slow you down or make your budget very tight! 

Remember that taking bigger risks comes with bigger profits, especially with this type of business where you set the rules and make your way to clients.

Also, make sure you possess the academic and practical background skills your business requires. A set of knowledge, skills, and tools will make your path much easier. Build up your road slowly but surely to guarantee your success, finding online courses and getting ready. If you don’t know the ground, it might end up being harder than it needs to be.

Be specific about your market target and your product or service

You have to answer certain questions before starting your business. Digital marketing has a broad field of work and involves many areas. Are you offering services or consulting? Will you offer to manage your clients’ accounts? Will you be working B2B only? Will you manage certain platforms or all of them?

Try to be more specific regarding your field of work and determine early on your target market and your service providers. Once you have defined your clients and your product, the marketing strategy will come easily. This will allow you to gain their attention and push up sales. 

Set your price

How to price? Value your team’s work, your own efforts, and your product. Don’t put prices too low as it can make your clients think it’s cheap service. Above everything, never overprice because they might not be able to buy it. Compare with similar agencies and follow established prices. However, make sure to include in your prices any software, employees, taxes, fees, and other expenses you might have.

Have your legal aspects in order

Make sure everything within the legal aspect is in order. Make a business account for separate financial management; research, prepare and get any licenses and registrations needed and even hire lawyers if you think their advice is necessary. 

Advertise yourself

Remember that your own marketing strategy is the first one in which you need to succeed. Establish your advertising strategy to boost your own business first. Your business marketing content is key for showing your work to your future clients. 


Networking in digital marketing is as important as traditional businesses. Building your brand and making everyone know you are the local social media specialist will come with benefits. Having contacts might not only come with a new range of clients and providers but it might also provide you with guidance only experience can offer. 

Hire your staff!

A digital marketing agency needs at least one of the following professionals to get things done with the best results.  Make sure you gather the most competent and qualified individuals within each area of expertise and make sure they feel comfortable with their assigned tasks. 

  • Head writer: Your writer is the cornerstone of your business because is the principal content producer. From articles to tweets, writing content is your primary source of clients.
  • Media specialist: Especially for video content, which is the future of every platform. Images and videos will add value to your social media strategy.
  • Editor: You might also need someone to oversee writing and media crafts and offer leadership for the projects. 
  • Producer and Marketer: This staff member is a key part of the client’s acquisition process. They also should make things happen efficiently. From organizing schedules, finding special requests, and making weird reservations if necessary, a marketer should make your clients happy.
  • Graphic designer: You will benefit from the visual harmony a professional can provide to your brand. 
  • Facebook ads expert: Finding an expert on Facebook and other social media platform ads will enhance your sales. 

Analytics and Time-Measurement

You’ve got 99% of the job covered. However, monitoring is a crucial 1%. Your progress will guarantee your customers you are the best if things run smoothly in your business. They will know you can provide the service they’re looking for. Old-school supervising will do the job but you might benefit from using a digital management system or software to do so, such as Time Doctor or Hubstaff.

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