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How to Use Yocale’s Updated Point of Sale (2019)

Did you hear that Yocale has updated its Point of Sale?

(This is part of our spring 2019 release, which involved updating and/or adding five features, which you can read about here).

In a nutshell, we changed our POS so that it allowed for a more customizable invoicing and payment process. The result? More customization (of course) but also easier checkouts and more effective record keeping.

For example, you can now easily accept Stripe payments, track other payment methods, store client cards on file on the Stripe network and actually a lot more than this.

Here’s how to navigate our updated point of sale.

How to Use Yocale’s Updated Point of Sale

Get the full scoop here:

  • Add Services (or Products) to Invoices

From the left-hand side of the invoice, you can now add services (or products) to the final invoice.

To do this,  simply search for the service in the search bar as shown below:

To add that particular service to the invoice, you can either drag and drop the service or double click it.

  • Add Unpaid Appointments to Invoices

Click on the “Appointments” tab. This will show you all of the client’s past appointments.

You can then add these past appointments to the invoice by then dragging and dropping.

You can also edit the quantity and price of each service by clicking on the pencil icon as shown below:

  • Add Discounts, Extra Charges and Disable Taxes To Invoices

Once you click on the each line item, you will see the option to edit the price, add a discount or extra charge:

These can be dollar or percentage values.

  • Do Split Payments

Once you click on blue “Pay” button, you will be brought to the payment portion of the POS.

Under “Select Payment Method,” you will then have the option to do split payments.

To do this, simply click on the payment type of your choice (Cash, etc.) and then fill in the appropriate dollar amounts.

If you go back to the previous page, you will then see that the invoice is marked as “Partially Paid.”

Have more questions about our updated point of sale? Book a personalized demo here. You can also call support at 1-778-986-2253 or email us at

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