How Yocale helped this Clinical Counsellor’s Growing Business

Clinical Counsellor, Nicole Maier had been in private practice for 8 years when she started experiencing growing pains in her business. She came across the Yocale website while searching for a solution to help her run her business more efficiently.

“I saw this online booking system, so I was curious about it, but not being a very technologically savvy person, I was a bit concerned about setting it up.  The Yocale team blew away all the worries that I had and helped me set it up so easily” she shares with a smile.

After the setup process, Nicole realized that Yocale was much more than an online booking system. It’s also an office management system, an automated marketing service as well as a secure place to keep session notes electronically.

As a busy mom, Yocale allows Nicole to run her business without having a receptionist.  Her clients can book appointments any time (even at 11:30 at night!) and she’s noticed a huge decrease in no-shows because of the automatic text and email appointment reminders.

One other benefit of using Yocale’s system, is clients can access their receipts on their own, through their online log in.  That means no more lost time looking for receipts.

With the addition of this complete online booking and clinic management solution, Nicole now has more time to spend taking care of her clients and when she leaves her work at the end of the day, she has more quality time with her family.  The only thing she wishes she’d done, is switched to Yocale sooner!

Learn how she streamlined the booking process, took no-shows to zero, and hasn’t lost time searching for a lost patient receipt with an all-in-one system for office management and online booking.

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