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Introducing our New Booking Widget Feature = A Better Booking Experience

Whether you’re a single location business or a multi-location enterprise like a car dealership, 

your customers’ are about to get a better booking experience with our new booking widget.

Our new booking widget now provides a super sleek, streamlined booking experience for today’s customer – specifically the ability to search based on their own parameters for today’s customer. 

Think: Google Flights or Google Hotels’, a booking experience that provides a clean, streamlined interface but with a lot of different filtering options.

The result?

A better booking experience. 

In this blog post, we’ll take you through our latest feature.

The Benefits Of Our New Booking Widget: A Slicker Booking Experience For Your Customers

We like to call our new feature the “360 degree booking experience.”

What does this mean?

It means that customers no longer have to follow the traditional sequential booking experience when making an appointment (read: location > service > date > time). 

Instead, they can start anywhere in the process. For example, customers could start by searching based on service > location (filtered down based on which locations provide that service > staff > date > time.

Put another way, your customers can now make bookings based on their own preferred parameters. They aren’t subjected to making a booking based on location. 

Now they can start by booking a service and therefore find the best location for that service instead of the opposite.

Alternatively, they could start with the date and then find a list of services that correspond with that specific date.

The new booking feature even allows for more filters as well as “and” statements (i.e. booking services 1 AND service 2). 

The result of all of this a better booking experience for your customer. They can search based on their own parameters, giving them more flexibility to find the best booking for them.

Wrapping It Up

Our new booking widget provides a slicker booking experience. This free flowing booking experience now allows customers to search based on their own filters, allowing them to find the best possible booking based on what’s right for them.

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