February 2017 Release

February 2017 Release

We took Yocale Customizable Forms and Online Payments to the next level!  

You can now attach Intake Forms to your Appointments and also require Payments or Credit Card Authorizations to Confirm Appointments.

Yocale Forms Release II enhances the functionality of Yocale Data Forms in the following ways:

  1. Allows businesses and providers to attach forms to services, and as the result when a consumer is booking that service, they will be notified by email to fill out that form.
  2. When a client books a service that has a form attached to it, under their my appointment section the form will appear and they are able to fill it out
  3. Forms are added to the appointment window and can be filled out by businesses and providers and emailed to clients.

Here’s what it looks like on the business side: (When you attach a form to a service that’s required to be filled out before the service (once or each time your customer books that service.)  For full instructions on setting up your own required intake/follow-up forms, please go to our handy help instructions here.

Here’s what it looks like on your customers account: (When your customer has outstanding forms to fill out, they will get an email, and be sent to their appointment profile to fill out the forms)  For full instructions on setting up your own required intake/follow-up forms, please go to our handy help instructions here.

Yocale’s Payment Release II assigns payments to individual services.  Why is this so important?

Providers and businesses can set Payment Method and set the settings for the way they charge their online clients at the service level. This means businesses can require pre-payment or a credit card authorization for specific services to confirm an appointment.  It also means payment methods and requirements can be applied at a service level.

Here’s a quick look at what that looks like: (For details on how to set this up in your business account, we guide you through every step here)

When you require pre-payment to confirm an appointment, your client will see this:

This is what it looks like when you check out a client (Close an Appointment) that has already pre-authorized their payment.

We’re excited about these new features because they ultimately help you reduce your risk of no shows, increases your efficiency by automating a lot of manual processes (ie: Intake forms and Follow-up emails!) all in the name of making it easier for you to give the best customer service possible.

We’d love to help you get started with these new features, they are part of our Pro accounts, so if you need help updating your subscription or setting up your account, please feel free to contact our Customer Success team for any questions or additional support.