How to Apply a Credit Card Payment to an Appointment

1.Click to close an appointment.

2. When you select “Done” the payment information will expand, as shown in the example below

credit card payment on yocale

3. Click Payment Options

4. Select the Stripe account you would like to have the payment deposited to. (If you haven’t set up a Stripe account, you’ll need to do that first – so Click Here for details )

5. Fill in the amount to apply to the Credit Card *you will be able to split payments (Cash/Insurance/Credit Card. *If there are insurance payments you need to submit, make sure you click “Outstanding” so they will show up as Outstanding on your report until you can confirm that they have been paid.  Now you don’t have to worry about missing payments!)
























6. Fill out the payment details for the Card.






































7. Payment will show confirmed when the transaction goes through. *If there are problems with the payment, check to ensure the accuracy of the card information.