How to Link your Stripe Account to Charge Credit Card Payments

In order to charge credit cards for appointments in Yocale, you will need to set up an Account with Stripe which will link to your Bank Account information to allow a secure, direct transfer of the funds into your bank account.

Set up a Stripe account.  Go to this link to set up your Stripe account.

Get your Stripe API Key (you need this number in Yocale to set up the direct link).  This is how you get your Stripe API key from your Stripe account:

Open your Yocale account.

Click Tools on the top menu.

Click the icon for Payments

Yocale Payments Tool

Click the + Sign by Stripe to add a Stripe account or the pencil icon by existing accounts to edit them.

Add Stripe Payment

Add a Payment Method name that will be recognizable to you and your staff (“x business account”

Choose type of currency that your stripe account will be collecting (You can have multiple accounts with different currencies)

Paste your Stripe Account Secret (API) Key in the box and Save.


To ensure your account is linked correctly, test it in your account with a live appointment.

Instructions on how to Pay for an Appointment with a Credit Card through your Stripe account.