How to subscribe to your Yocale Calendar using iPhone or iPad

To subscribe to your Yocale calendar from an IOS device such as iPhone or iPad;

  • Get your Yocale Calendar subscription URL
  • Go to your device “Setting” page
  • Tap on the “Mail, Contact, Calendars” setting
  • Tap on the “Add Account” option under accounts
  • Tap on the “Other” to add account
  • Tap on the “Add Subscribed Calendar” option
  • Paste the calendar subscription URL into the “Server” field and tap “Next”
  • Follow the instructions.

Please note, it may take some time for the calendar to be fully synchronized to your device, and updates in Yocale will also take some time to sync back to the device.

If you use Android or another calendar, click here to see how to do this.