Navigating the Calendar Page

The Calendar gives a quick view of all your booked appointments. The Day View is the default; but you can switch to the week mode to see what your Week View looks like.

Print Daily Appointments
Navigating Calendar

Use the left and right arrows (< and >) to help you navigate through each day or week. The Today button will quickly bring you back to today’s appointments or the appointments for the week. The small Calendar icon can also be used to browse through the months and days to select specific dates. You can alternatively use the scrollbars for navigation.

Located to the right of the Calendar icon is the Print Daily Appointments Icon.  This feature is available on both the Provider and Business Calendar.  It prints all active appointments for the selected date in the format below.

To print your appointments for the day, click on the print icon.  The system opens a separate instance of Yocale for you to preview your appointments.  Each appointment begins on a new page.  To print out all appointments, hover over the lower right hand corner of your screen to display a set of icons.  Select the print icon at the far right.

At the top right hand corner of the Calendar is a “Manage Schedule” link.  Clicking on this will take you directly back to the Schedule page where you can make changes to your work schedule.

The white space represents your availability. It shows booked appointments and also what is made available to book online. However, you can also book your own appointments outside of this white space. Appointments marked as done become grey.

Navigating Calendar
Managing Schedule

The Provider and Business Calendar both have the same features for the most part, with a few exceptions.

Whether you are a Provider managing your individual business or one of multiple Providers at a business, you have access to manage your own appointments through your “My Calendar” menu. In your Calendar, you have a Day and Week view of your bookings. If you are listed under a business, Administrators can help you manage appointments on your behalf through the Business Calendar.

If you are a Business on the other hand, you can have multiple service providers with multiple calendars. You as the Business owner and/or assigned Administrator(s) will manage the calendars for the Providers associated with the business through your Business Calendar menu.

Similar to the Provider, the Business Calendar has a Day and Week view but the Business has an additional Staff View. When you click on Staff View, a column for each Provider associated with your Business is displayed, showing the Calendar for that Provider. If you wish to see what each individual Provider’s day or week looks like, select the Day or Week view and then click on a Provider in the Staff list on the right of the Calendar.

The white background that indicates availability will only be white for the location of the business.  For example, if one of the providers in the list works at more than one location, only the current business location background is marked as white. Any other location where a provider is not available will be blocked off, filled in with grey and display “Not Available” in the appointment description.  The administrator has no access to book any appointments during this time period and cannot remove or edit this availability.

Not Available
Not Available - Day View

There are two additional tabs: Notifications and Statistics.

The Notifications Tab shows a history of all changes made for an appointment whether it is a new booking, a cancellation, a rescheduled appointment, or even if a Client is running late. It also shows all reviews made for the Provider. This page will only display 30 days of history. Notifications older than 30 days will be removed from this page. You may also manually delete the notifications using the X.


The Statistics Tab shows a quick monthly view of how the business is performing for the month as well as the previous months.  You will start off seeing the current month only.  Once the current month has past, the data is saved and you will see a second column displaying as the past month. Only the last three months of statistics will be displayed on the page at one time. use the “<<” arrows to toggle between the months.

This tab displays some basic appointment-related data such as the:

  • Total bookings: Total number of appointments.
  • Online Bookings: Total number of online bookings made (i.e. the client booked it themselves on your profile.
  • Cancelled: Total number of appointments cancelled.
  • Rescheduled: Total number of appointments rescheduled.
  • Late: Total number of Clients showing late.
  • No shows: Total number of no shows.
  • Profile views: This is how many times Yocale members have viewed your booking page, it does not include you while you are logged in.
  • Promoted Services Views: This is how many times your selected services have been promoted to Yocale member while they were booking other providers.
  • Reviews: Total number of reviews you received for the month.
  • Positive: The percentage of positive reviews for the month, when there are 3 or more.
  • Total clients: Total clients for the month.
  • Marked you as a favorite: Total number of clients who marked you as a favorite


Managing Appointments

Managing your appointments from your Calendar is very simple.

To quickly reschedule an appointment you may drag and drop a new appointment to a new time slot and resize to make further changes. Just select the appointment, drag and drop it to the new time slot and resize it to adjust the time.

Whenever you change an appointment by dragging and dropping it to a different time slot/day, or resize it to change the appointment time, a “Change Appointment” form will be displayed. You are asked to confirm what it is you wish to do. Your options are: Cancel, Change Appointment Only, or Change Appointment & Send Email. This allows you to review and confirm the change you intend to make.

Change Appointment

Selecting Change Appointment Only, commits the change but does not send out an email notification to your client to inform them that the appointment has changed.

Selecting Change Appointment & Send Email, commits the change and also sends an email notification to your client to inform them that the appointment has changed.

Selecting Cancel will keep your original appointment and discard the changes you made. This is very useful in case you unintentionally made a change to an appointment you did not intend to make.

To view the information for an appointment, hover over the appointment time slot. This will bring up a tool tip displaying the client, appointment time, location, service type and price.

Similar to the Work Schedule, clicking on an appointment will bring up a set of icons.

The first icon is the Edit Icon. Use this icon to open an existing appointment in the Book Appointment form to view or edit the details. For further information on booking a new appointment please see the section on “Managing appointments => Adding new clients from the calendar”

The second icon is the View Client Details Icon. Use this icon to see information related to the client.

Client Details

  • First Name: The First Name, Last Name and Gender are required to save the form.
  • Last Name: See above.
  • Telephone: Provide either a Telephone number or Email address. If just a telephone number is provided, then the Client can only book appointments by phone.
  • Interactions: This link allows you to see a history of all emails and SMS messages sent to this client with regards to bookings with you. You can also use this feature to schedule follow-up reminders for future appointments with the client.
  • Gender: See above.
  • Date of Birth: When you click in this field, select the year, month and day
  • Address: Type in your address as is.  This is just a plain text field.  It does not integrate with Google like the other address fields so you will not be prompted with a matching address.
  • Comments: You may type in any details related to the Client here whether it is their history, visit specific information etc.
  • Is Private (Providers working under a Business): Providers can add Private Clients to their Client list.  This field is only available on the Add Client form for Providers who have joined and are working under a business.  Is Private is checked by default and when it is checked, the Client is not accessible by other Providers working for the same business.  If it is checked, then other Providers will be able to see and select it from the Client field.

The third icon is the Mark Done Icon. Clicking on this icon will bring up a form for you to fill out.

  • Done: When a visit with a Client is completed, mark an appointment as completed or mark as No Show if they did not show up. When an appointment is marked completed, an email receipt is sent to the Client. The Client can login to their account and view all appointments and can print a copy of the receipt once the appointment is marked done.
  • No show: See above.
  • Comments: Add notes relating to the visit or client-specific details.
  • Follow-up required: If a follow-up is required, the Client is reminded in the emailed receipt to book a follow-up appointment.
  • Showed up late: Use this check box to log when a client is late for their appointment.
  • Paid: The amount charged for the service is defaulted to what was defined in the Service Page. You may override this amount to charge a late fee, or give a discount for example.
  • Cancel button: Click cancel if you do not wish to proceed with your changes.
  • Save button: If you are ready to save your changes, click Save. Clicking Save marks the appointment as done and changes the color from blue to grey.

Closing Appointment

The fourth icon is the Cancel Appointment Icon. You can also cancel an appointment but the icon will not be available for selection for past appointments.

Clicking on the cancel appointment brings up a form prompting you to confirm the cancellation. If you proceed, select Cancel Appointment and send a cancellation email.

Your client will be sent an email for the cancellation. You have the option to include a reason for the cancellation. Alternatively you can choose not to proceed and click Do Not Cancel this Appointment and the appointment is removed from the Calendar.

Cancel Appointment

Adding Appointments from the Calendar

If you need to book an appointment on the fly, use your Calendar by double clicking the white space to open up a Book Appointment form or use “+ New Booking” button.

  •  Appointment: When you add a new appointment by double clicking on the Calendar, “Appointment” is the default value. You would choose this option if you would like to book an appointment.
  • Block Time Off: Use this option to set aside some time in your calendar for short breaks such as meetings, lunch, or other times you are not available. Please see below for further information regarding “Block Time Off”
  • Location: You or your client can book an appointment with you at any defined location.
  • Service: Book for any service defined for that location.
  • Client: Here you have the option to select Add New Client which will send an invitation to the Client and invite them to use Yocale for future online bookings with you. The other option is to select the name of the client that you are booking the appointment for.
  • Send Email: This field is checked by default. When the appointment is saved and this field is checked, an email notification is sent to your client to confirm the appointment. If Send Email is not checked, a confirmation email will not be sent to your client.
  • Date: The booking date automatically populates with today’s date.
  • Start time: Specify the duration of the service by inputting a start time. You do not need to fill in a End Time as it will automatically be calculated and adjusted according to the service selected.
  • End time: See above.
  • Enter your comments here: Use this to document notes relating to the appointment.
  • Save button: Click Save to add the new appointment to your calendar.

Book Appointment


Blocking time off

The “Blocking time off” feature allows you to block some time off in your calendar for short breaks such as meetings, lunch or other times when you are not available. You can perform the same task by using the “Appointment” feature but it will be in the form of an appointment and appear as such.

If you click on the “Block Time Off” radio button, the appointment fields will collapse and become hidden while the block fields will expand and appear as noted below.

  • Appointment – When you add a new appointment by double clicking on the Calendar, “Appointment” is the default value. You would choose this option if you would like to book an appointment.
  • Block Time Off – If you would like to set aside some time in your calendar for non appointment related purposes such as breaks and lunch, then select “Book Time Off”. Once you save the appointment form, the time range you set will appear as a dark grey block in your Personal or Business Calendar, blocking off your availability for that specified period.  On your public booking page, your availability time slots for the blocked time will be removed
  • Comment Field – Specify a reason for why you are blocking time off so other staff members know your where-about and administrators know how to manage your appointments accordingly. When you save your appointment, the contents typed here will be displayed in your Calendar.  The system adds “TimeOff” before your comments. For example you may need to block off some time for a “Conference Meeting”.  Your Calendar will display “TimeOff – Conference Meeting”.  Note that the comments will display differently on your Calendar depending whether you are a Provider working for a Business or an Individual Provider (not working for a Business).

The following are the business rules for displaying  the comments:

  1.  If you are a Provider working for a Business location only
    – “Block Time Off” will be displayed as “TimeOff – ” on both your Provider
    and Business Calendar
  2. If you are Provider working at your Personal location only
    – “Block Time Off” will be displayed as “TimeOff – ” on your Provider
  3. If you are Provider working for a Business location and your Personal location then
    – When “Block Time Off” is for the Business location the comments will be displayed
    as “TimeOff – ”.
    – When “Block Time Off” is at Personal location the comments will be displayed as
    “Not Available”
  • Start Time: The start of your blocked time off
  • End Time: The end of your blocked time off
  • Save button:   Saves your time off details to your Calendar
  • Remove Button: Currently, there is no edit ability. You can select the blocked time off appointment and use the Remove/Trash Can button to delete and recreate the appointment.

Book Appointment
New Booking

Adding New Clients from the Calendar

While adding an appointment through your Calendar, you may realize that the Client you are booking is a new client. You can add this Client to Yocale while in the same form, without having to navigate away. Just select Add New Client from the Client field. This will open the Add Client form for you to populate the fields on the form. Once you have completed the information, click Save on the Add New Client form and remember to click Save on the Book Appointment form as well. The new client will now appear in your list.

Book Appointment
Add Client