$7,500 Launch Online Grant Proposal Sample

If you were looking for a new website or wanted to improve your website, now it’s time. You can receive a $7,500 Launch Online grant to hire a British Columbia-based company to develop your online appointment scheduling or online booking system.

What Is Launch Online Grant?

The B.C. government has invested $42 million to assist BC-businesses move their business model online. This grant will pay for up to $7,500 of the expenses you will have for developing and enhancing your online appointment scheduling system, or your online shop.

What's the process?

Yocale is committed to helping local businesses make a stronger online presence without worrying about the expenses. If you need any help in the process of getting approved for this grant, we are here to help. Here's the process:

Step 1: Get ready

Develop a grant proposal

If you are eligible, you should start by developing a grant proposal that explains how you plan to use the funds. You need to show a cost estimate that includes how much funding you need and how the money will be spent. 

2. apply Online

Complete the online application

Launch Online Program application intake is open until Sep 30, 2021. This grant will be awarded on a first-come first-serve basis, so the sooner you apply the better.

If you have your proposal ready, click on SUBMIT to start your application. If you have any questions, book a demo session and we will help you.

3. recieve funding & start EXECUTing

Build / improve your website

After getting approved for the grant, you have 12-weeks to build or improve your website, using a BC-based service provider. At the end of this period your website should have an eligible online appointment scheduling system, or online purchase capabilities. 

4. boost your business

Let clients find you online!

After implementing Yocale widget, you can get discovered and book through your website, your facebook page and even from Google Maps and Google Search. Client booking could not be simpler!

Skyrocket Your Business
With Our Services For Free

Gain an edge with a one stop shop! Online Scheduling + CRM + Custom eForms + Virtual Video Calls running on any device, anytime, anywhere.

Client Management

Yocale’s client relationship tools make it easy to track client details via individual client profiles so that you can deliver more personalized customer service when scheduling an online appointment.

Online Scheduling

Keep your business open 24/7 by offering online scheduling. Be bookable from any device and give your customers the self-service options to schedule and reschedule appointments at their convenience.

Point Of Sale

Accept payments in a flash. Take prepayments or deposits to help prevent no-shows. Easily track and record all your transactions and run reports on these transactions.

Notifications & Reminders

Yocale’s unlimited email and text (SMS) reminders can help reduce no-shows by 80%, saving your business thousands of dollars year after year.

Forms & Annotations

Versatile drag-and-drop form builder to create simple to comprehensive forms in minutes ​ (ex. SOAP Notes, charting, intake forms, consent forms, questionnaires, post appointment follow-ups, surveys, etc)​.

Advanced Reporting

Stay on top of your metrics and get a real-time view of your most important business insights, from sales numbers to new client bookings so that you always make the best decisions.

Not Sure What To Do?

Ask for a proposal guide, or click on ASK FOR HELP to book a virtual meeting or phone call, and we will help you to get approved for $7,500 grant to empower your business's online presence