Last Minute ‘Techie’ Mother’s Day Gifts for Busy Mompreneurs

Fresh out of Mother’s Day gift ideas for the favourite mompreneur in your life?  If she’s told you she doesn’t need more “stuff”, here are some apps you could install for her to make her life a little easier and she’ll be thanking you for the valuable gift of more time and less stress!

P.S, all of these “gifts” are free (or almost free) – they just require your expertise of installing them (with permission!) on her smart phone and showing her how to use them!


What she wants:  More Time for Family & Funmompreneur relaxtation

Did she start her business because she wanted  the time freedom of being her own boss …but now it seems like work takes all her time and brain space? Many business owners get stuck in the trap of never being able to “turn off” and officially be off of work.

Helping her set up automation tools so she can have less daily busy tasks, will give her back hours every week.  Here are some of productivity tools you could offer to install for her:

Get Her:

  • Streak.com. Free App to keep your email inbox de-cluttered and stress free when you open it first thing in the morning.
  • Any.do. Successful entrepreneurs always have a to-do list. Any.do helps you keep it organized effortlessly across all the devices that you work on.
  • Slack. Free App in the App Store. Hosting team meetings, or client meetings can become crazy fast. Slack helps you make your meetings clear and productive.
  • Google Docs. Free App in the App Store. One location allows multiple team members to edit any piece of content.
  • Yocale: Let her clients book appointments with her online, while she sleeps, plays and hangs out with you!



What she wants:  SLEEP!apps for mompreneurs

Sleep is the most important factor in determining whether mompreneurs can meet the demands of family AND running a business.


  • The more sleep you have, the better you can handle distractions. A well-rested mom will handle her toddlers demands and tantrums (taking her attention away from work) far better than a mom working on less than 6 hours of sleep.
  • Sleep deprivation will causes bad decisions. That’s never a good thing when you’re talking about work and life decisions.  Sleep gives your brain more time to unconsciously think about the best course of action for the decisions you have weighing on your mind. Giving your brain space for relaxation is key to making the best business decisions.

Get Her:

  • PZIZZ: Free in the App Store. White noise is proven to produce a more restful sleep. Choose from various relaxing ambiance noises.


What she wants:  Downtime & Stress Free Social Timeuseful apps for mompreneurs

Busy entrepreneurs make thousands of decisions every day.  Reduce the stress of down time and fun time with apps that make it really easy to cut loose, entertain and relax.  Get accounts and install these helpful tools into her phone, one thing less for her to think about!

Get Her:

  • Netflix. It doesn’t get much better than pulling on your favorite pj’s popping the kids some popcorn, and settling in to cuddle with a favorite show. It’s good for the mind and its healthy for the wallet.
  • OpenTable. Free App in the App Store. Save money, find great deals on local restaurants running specials, and get out of the house. Take clients for lunch as well.
  • Expensify. . Free App in the App Store. Track expenses for business write off while securing clients with a nice meal at the same time.


What she wants:  A Healthier Body & More Energy!


Being an entrepreneur is exhausting and being a mom is exhausting, when you put the 2 into the same life, the energy required to get through each day is overwhelming! Regular exercise is the cure of all of that! Exercise produces endorphins, and endorphins make you feel better. Even 20 minutes of exercise squeezed into a busy day can change everything, it releases pent up frustration, increases oxygen into your body which stimulates ideas, and all of a sudden amazing epiphanies occur and happy endophins flow in! Here are some exercise tools to make adding fitness to your life a lot easier and maybe even fun!(?)

Get Her:

  • Coach.Me. Free App in the App Store. Make your exercise hour count! Free coaching and advice.
  • MyFitnessPal. Free App in the App Store. Track healthy food choices.

*Disclaimer: We are not responsible for any disappointed moms who feel like you are bailing out of getting a “real” gift and also if you forget to help your kids make her a proper breakfast in bed!

Remember, as the saying goes… “When momma ain’t happy, nobody’s happy!”

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