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In the fast-paced, high-energy world of fitness, professional fitness trainers and instructors are almost always in a state of movement.

Whether they’re helping a client push their physical limits, helping an athlete train for an upcoming marathon, or teaching a group exercise class, fitness professionals are constantly on-the-move.

And as you might expect, an intense, demanding schedule can often leave fitness professionals without the time they need to tend to other aspects of their business, including the very foundation of their everyday work lives – their schedule.

If you’re a fitness professional, you might struggle with finding the time to micro-manage your schedule. Manually scheduling and re-scheduling appointments can quickly suck minutes and even hours out of your day – time that could be better spent ensuring that your clients are achieving their best.

Your schedule should work as hard as you do, without slowing you down. And with Yocale’s easy-to-use scheduler, it’s never been easier to maintain a full schedule while staying light on your feet.

Yocale’s Online Scheduler acts as an all-in-one planner for your professional work life. From managing your appointments to tracking payments, clients, and more – Yocale’s remarkable versatility and supreme adaptability allow you to handle your fast-paced schedule with ease.

Go the extra mile with Yocale – here’s how it works!

Fill Up Your Schedule Faster By Offering Online Booking

At the core of Yocale is our easy-to-use Online Booking, which allows you to begin taking appointments online instead of over the phone.

Although communicating primarily via your phone allows you the opportunity to understand the goals of your clients better, it can also drastically reduce your productivity in any given day.

Whether a client is calling to reschedule an appointment, or just has a general inquiry – those minutes add up, and the total sum could be costing you more than you think.

By offering your clients the ability to book online, you can save both time and energy, while also taking comfort in knowing that your schedule is being handled with care and efficiency.

Getting started with your Yocale schedule is as simple as setting your hours of availability and creating your classes within Yocale’s easy-to-use browser-based interface.

Whether you offer one-on-one personal training, endurance coaching, group yoga sessions, or any other combination of fitness instruction – Yocale is built to be flexible and to meet your needs, whatever they are!

To begin creating a class or service in Yocale, just head to your Yocale dashboard after you’ve created an account. From here, click on Services/Classes from the drop-down email menu.

You’ll see a list of any and all services/classes you’ve created within Yocale. To add a new one, just click the Add Services button at the bottom of the page.

On the next screen, you’ll be able to customize the Service/Class name, price, duration, transition time, description, and more.

With the Scheduled Class option, you can choose between creating a service – such as a one-on-one training session – or a class, such as a group yoga session that will support multiple participants.

If you’re creating a class, you’ll also be able to enter a minimum and maximum number of registrants you’d like to allow for the class. Once the maximum number of registrants for a class is met, no other participants will be allowed to register.

Just hit Save, and you’ll have created your class/service within Yocale!

Make Online Booking For Your Clients A Breeze

Online Booking doesn’t just make your work life more manageable – it also streamlines booking for your clients.

Once you’ve created a schedule and set up your services/classes with Yocale, your customers will be able to book your fitness services in mere minutes via your Yocale Booking Page.

Yocale offers two methods of online booking – Instant Booking and Appointment Requests. You’ll be able to select from either depending on your preferences, and don’t worry – you can always switch between the two should you change your mind later.

With Instant Booking, your clients will be able to book confirmed appointments with you online. That means as soon as they click “book,” the timeslot they’ve selected will be reserved and their appointment will automatically be created.

This can save you a lot of time in the long run, but if you’d like more hands-on control of your schedule, you can always opt for Appointment Requests instead.

With Appointment Requests, your clients will still be able to book online, but you’ll have to manually confirm each appointment every time a client requests one, or come to an alternative agreement.

Either way, once you’ve set up your Yocale Page, your customers will be able to begin booking with you online! From your booking page, they’ll be able to quickly choose from a list of your available services/classes, view your availability, and book an appointment within seconds.

Yocale’s online booking interface is easy-to-use and navigate, ensuring that your online booking experience is painless and straightforward for even your most technology-averse clients.

And because Yocale works across a wide variety of internet-connected devices, your customers will be able to book from pretty much anywhere – even on-the-go!

Manage Your Schedule With Ease

Once you’ve set a schedule, created your services, and enabled online booking, your Yocale Scheduler will begin filling with appointments. You can view your schedule at any time from your Yocale dashboard – just log in via your browser, or access your account using our Yocale Provider App.

Yocale’s colour-coded schedule view gives you an insightful look at your upcoming work week. Because you can colour-code classes and services to your liking, you’ll be able to get an idea of how your time will be spent just by taking a glance at your schedule.

Once you’ve finished up a service or class, you can “close” the appointment within Yocale and process the payment. Once an appointment has “closed,” it will appear “greyed-out” in your schedule.

If a client prefers not to book online, you can always create an appointment within Yocale manually.

To do so, just select Business Calendar from the drop-down Calendar menu in your Yocale Dashboard. Select the staff member that will be servicing your client (if applicable), and then click the New Booking button.

From here, you’ll be able to select the service your client is booking from the drop-down menu. Next, you can attach an existing client to the appointment by either entering their name or by clicking Add New Client.

Then, just set the Date and Time of the appointment, hit Save, and you’re done! The new appointment will appear in your schedule alongside your existing appointments, including those that have been booked online.

To differentiate between appointments, classes or services that have been booked online will appear in your calendar with a “cloud” icon beside them.

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