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Online Booking For Travel Visa Appointments

Online Appointment Booking For Visa Registration

Travelling is one of the most exciting times a person has to look forward to, where they get to explore new places and discover wonderful new attractions.

If you are running a consulate or embassy, then you know that feeling when people come in to get their travel visas for travel.

With so many people wanting to book appointments for Visa applications, things can get a bit overwhelming. Your team needs to be always on the phones getting people scheduled in.

There is a better way. And when your consulate or embassy implements and online booking and scheduling software into the application process, the process become a whole lot smoother for everyone.

Lets look at three ways implementing an online appointment software can help.

Allow Visitors To Book On Their Own

With the dawn of the internet, everything from mobile banking, to booking concert tickets is just a click away.

And in order to give your team more time back to focus on getting peoples applications processed, your online booking and scheduling software can help take care of the bookings, 24/7/365.

You see, people can simply go to your countries website or booking profile and choose what type of service they need to book, say for example, travel visa documents. From there, they can see your teams availability in the online calendar, and easily book a day and time that works for them.

This completely frees up any human involvement as the system has now scheduled someone in, instead of one of your members having to answer a phone call and taking up time to pencil a visitor in.

Send Them Automatic Appointment Reminders

To make things even easier, a day before the visitors appointment to come in and see you, they get an automated reminder sent by your booking software which sends a courtesy email or text reminding the individual of their upcoming appointment.

This tremendously reduces no-shows and frees up your staff from having to call or email people to remind them of their upcoming appointment.

Send Them An Invoice Automatically After Their Appointment

Once their appointment has been completed, your booking system can even send them their invoice for booking the visa application to their email automatically.

This gives your team a hands off approach to the entire booking process and allows them to focus on more important things.

So as you can see, trying to book a visa application appointment can be simple, and easy for everyone involved. At the end of the day, you want visitors to travel to your country and enjoy their stay.

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