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Online Booking to Strengthen Sales for Wineries, Exponentially

It’s no hidden secret that the wine industry is ever-growing with accumulated growth sales. Just alone in the US, sales revenue reached $62.7 billion in 2017. In Canada, wine sales grew 4.6% to $7.5 billion in 2018.

It’s no wonder beautiful vineyards are popping up around the world, which is good news. However, businesses must follow strict guidelines to meet social distancing protocols.

Like it or no, business must still go on and customers are lining up to get a piece of the pie. Speaking of lining up, do people realize there is yet to be a cure for Covid-19 and social distancing is essential? Storefronts are either lacking resources to manage their business and meet health and safety protocols or there is no business to manage due to high expenses and low sales. Thanks to the impact of the vexing virus.

However, things are not as bad for wineries. As the saying goes, “People drink wine during the good times and people drink wine during the challenging times.” There is no question this is one of those challenging times and wineries are still experiencing demand.

By adapting to a digital world where convenience is the new loyalty, you can increase traffic to your vineyard and provide a safe environment. In the following segment, we will outline simple (but genius) resources you can take advantage of today to enhance your sales.

Booking Widget

Online appointment booking is just more inclusive. A survey created by GetApp asked customers what their preferred method of booking was. As this graph represents, the results show that close to 70% of consumers prefer booking services online:

graph for online booking

If you are not offering online booking, you are losing out on a big chunk of your revenue. Try Yocale’s Booking Widget today to offer a revolutionary booking experience to your clients. The booking widget features the following capabilities, inter alia:

1. Multi service and multi location abilities

2. Fully Customizable

3. Google Analytic incorporated to convert client activity into results

4. Multilingual abilities

*Beautifully designed and practical usability

For full details and features of the widget, follow this article. To view how the widget operates in action, watch our demo video!

Offering digital appointment booking provides convenience for clients and saves you time and money. Your clients will feel confidant that their visit is guaranteed and wait times are reduced. What’s more? Alter your setting to exclusively allow a limited number of individuals book a tour at your winery or tasting room at once,- meeting health and safety regulations and offering you flexibility.

Reserve with Google

With over 70% of the search market share, Google is the biggest search engine in the world. Their success is due to various reasons but mainly due to the first mover status. For instance, their Google Reserve program comes as no surprise as they’ve predicted the future of booking.

When someone searches for your winery on Google, a BOOK ONLINE option is visible. When the consumer clicks on it, a window will appear on the left where the vineyards availability will be displayed and the client can book their appointment right there and then, without exiting Google. The following image captures a client of ours who is utilizing RWG:

Since Yocale is an official Google Reserve partner, the availability you’ve created on your Yocale calendar will automatically be extracted to Google.

Facebook Book Button

Facebook continues to be the most widely used social media platform, with 2.13 billion monthly active users. So, how clever would it be add a “book button” to your Facebook winery page? Here is a simple guide to include a book button to your Facebook page.

Once you add the book button, consider the “Event tab” on Facebook. If you host events at your winery, in addition to posting them to your website, post them to the events tab. Once you do, your event will appear in Facebook local app search. For instance, increasing your chance for a successful event by reaching a new audience.

Email Marketing Tools

Customer loyalty and engagement are intimately intertwined. Using Yocale’s marketing tools, you can obtain a customer engagement strategy and engage with your clients.

Encode mass emails or pick niche clients like VIP customers to notify clients of promotions or events. Offer special birthday rates to clients within a specific birthday range or send Covid-19 updates. See how the email template looks with this demo video. Adding a new wine to your collection? Let your clients know! The more you connect with your audience, the higher the chance of customer loyalty. Want to start your own email marketing campaign? This article will assist.

Form and Survey’s

You have a plethora of options at your fingertips when using an all in one solution software to automate your business. A valuable incentive is Yocale’s form feature. For instance, you can create any type of template to meet your purpose. We highly recommend creating survey’s to properly measure your guests’ satisfaction and receive their feedback after visiting your winery.

Feedback is known to enhance customer satisfaction but can potentially help with your next inventory order as well. How? Create a survey and include questions like the type or brand of wine your guest favoured. Did they purchase any bottles of vino? This knowledge will help you determine the products in high demand so you can make sure to have them in stock.

You can also use the form feature to screen your visitors in advance. For instance, for any Coronavirus symptoms. Any type of service you create, you can attach a form to compliment it. Say you’ve created a “Wine Tasting Visit” and delegated a form to it. The form requires the client to fill out their initial details, the kind of wine they adore and screen them for Covid-19 symptoms.

Once your visitor confirms their appointment online, they will get an email right away requiring them to fulfill the details within the form. Once they do so, you will get the results in real time and details will be uploaded to your virtual client database. Once they arrive at your winery, greet them by their name and have their favourite wine ready for tasting along with similar vinos to explore. How is that for customer service?

For a demo video of Yocale’s beautiful form management and overall form template feature, refer to this video.

Wrapping it Up

Online scheduling is better customer service.

Convenience is all part of the customer experience and should always be at the forefront of strategies and plan for your brand – both online and in-store. With an all in one solution software like Yocale, you can strengthen your sales through online booking, Reserve with Google, Facebook book, marketing tools to engage with your clients and the revolutionary form feature to screen clients in advance. If you would like more information about online scheduling for your Winery, this article is packed with intelligence.

Yocale offers both free and paid versions of our software. Refer to our pricing page for more information.

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