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Planning and Executing the Integration of Instagram Contests With Email Marketing

There is no doubt that social media has become one of the most critical and useful media for business promotion and marketing. Among its different channels, Instagram is one of the most significant channels that helps the businesses in ways more than one to reach out to their audience and raise the level of engagement amongst the followers. One a crucial way in which you can increase engagement and number of names in your email the list is through Instagram contests. It is one of the most productive methods that you can integrate with your email marketing campaigns that will result in:

  Generating more leads
  Better follow up with the customers and
  Building a long-standing and solid relationship with them

Instagram will help your content and email marketing gain immense publicity and share your content to a wide audience. Ideally, three elements will work together to make your contest more result-driven. These are your mailing lists and how you follow up on the leads generated through the contest. However, you will need to have a proper plan to execute, which includes announcing your contest and set up the pace and reminders. Few essential points that to include:

  Choose a proper mailing service
  Personalize and automate emails
  Choose an attractive subject line
  Create an urgency
  Set a proper tone
  Design your contest to make it exciting and
  Use GIFs, videos, and animations to take it to the next level.

Add a description, and alt-text and a direct link to explain how people can participate in the contest.

Reasons to use Instagram contests

Email marketing by itself is a powerful tool for communication, but you can enhance the power of this communication channel by a significant margin using Instagram contests. This will promote your efforts and provide better results. It will make your task easy as a marketer to keep your list of email
subscribers growing consistently though people are more likely to guard their email addresses nowadays. When you offer something exciting through your contests, your Instagram followers will be more convinced to provide their email address. This tactic makes it easier to achieve your business goal and generate more leads.

All this is because humans have an innate urge to win prizes or get something for free. Your contests will keep them motivated to become your email subscribers. However, to start an Instagram email contest, you will have to remember that you:

  Set up a proper email collection platform
  Create an easy to find and well-designed landing page and
   Analyze the data collected from your ideal audience.

You will surely not want the entire world to sign up for your contest because that will do more harm to your campaign then good. You will have a high number of spam reports, unengaged subscribers, and unsubscribe rates.

Add value to your contest

To avoid inconveniences and unwanted results, you must design an Instagram contest most strategically based on the needs of your target audience. You must tailor it according to their preferences so that it
appeals to them the most. This you can do by adding value to your content, which is the best way to grow your email list rapidly. You can find many ways to do so by visiting sites like and others. Some of the best ways to get the right type of prospects to include:

  Make the best of the human desire to share things on social media channels
  Add value and define your brand to ensure self-fulfillment
  Send across the benefits of your brands
  Grow strong and long-standing relationships and
  Identify the people who are interested in your brand

Also, make sure that your content is relevant to your brand. You may test different formats for your contest, such as event-based or photo or video contests. However, it is most important for the information to be relevant and valuable to your customers, rather than it going viral.

Benefits of Instagram contests

There are lots of good things about an Instagram contest. One of the most important things is that it is very easy to enter these contests, especially with the hashtags that the entrants need to use to post a photo. It will also assist immensely to collect great posts to use in the future on social media
for your marketing campaigns and daily posts. In general, contests can maximize the conversion rate of your followers into email subscribers if it has a proper subject line, relevance, and terms.

Follow the best practices

Before you start your contest, you should know and follow some of the best practices. You must never go against the rules of Instagram contests or get inferior results and returns from it, which will mean a
loss of your effort and money. One of the most significant practices is to write a clear description in detail for your contest. This should include:

  The rules
  The restrictions
  The deadline
  The prize and
  The date of announcing the winner

These will make your contest more transparent to your followers and it will be more compelling to sign in.

Running an Instagram Contest

To run your contest successfully and build and email list, here are the things that you should do:

  Identify your business objectives and goals
  Create the contest and entry method accordingly
  Choose and use the right hashtag
   Define the theme clearly
   Find the best and most transparent ways to choose the winners
   Select the best prize
   Include easy terms and conditions.  
  Monitor the submissions and
  Ensure a proper follow up.

Make sure that you are fair in your selection, judgment, evaluation, and establishing a relationship with your email customers. Now to promote it!


According to a Marketing Charts Survey, organizations are burning through a large portion of their advertising money via web-based networking media and email promoting. Be that as it may, incorporating web-based life and email promoting will take your client relationship to the following
level. Online networking can assist you in crafting an amicable and congenial brand picture. It’s an extraordinary stage to empower you to interface with your crowd rapidly. In any case, for the best, all things considered, I suggest that you let both of these divert work pair. Your email supporters’ information can assist you in offering customized proposals to your clients via web-based networking media. There’s no restriction on getting inventive with cross-channel informal community/email showcasing efforts. For instance, look at how South West Airlines utilizes instant messages to bait their clients to their email information exchange list. Start with fusing a few strategies that I partook in the article to construct your incorporated informal community/email battle. It’ll open entryways and lead to higher commitment and higher deals. How would you incorporate your internet based life and email advertising efforts into your all-encompassing advanced showcasing system?

Author bio – Kristen Smith is a blogger and content writer specialized in Web Design, Social Media and Technology.

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