Powerful Document Attachment For Law And Legal Organizations

Accuracy. Organization.

Both traits undoubtedly play valuable roles in any business. However, in law and legal fields, both accuracy and organization are essential to success.

As the proprietor of a law or legal organization, your day-to-day work demands a knack for precision and attention to detail. Because no two cases are the same, each client case is a unique undertaking, and your success rests on your ability to identify and interpret the underlying nuance of a client’s circumstances.

However, accuracy and organization go hand-in-hand. Without proper organizational systems in place, problem-solving for your clients can quickly become needlessly frustrating and endlessly challenging.

There’s a better way – and here at Yocale, we prefer the all-in-one approach. With Yocale, we give you easy access to your client records and documents by allowing you to store them in one convenient destination.

Forget about digging around for documents stored within file cabinets and external hard drives – Yocale streamlines your legal process by bringing your recordkeeping online.

With Yocale, navigating your client database is as easy as clicking and scrolling right from your browser window. Upload documents and attachments in seconds, and store them for later reference – all online, all the time.

We think you’ll love the impeccable organization and convenience that Yocale can bring to your legal process – here’s why!

Securely Upload And Attach Documents To Your Online Client Profiles

For many legal organizations, the transition from traditional paper-based recordkeeping to digital recordkeeping is still an ongoing one. And unfortunately, this puts employees in a difficult position by compromising organizational efficiency.

Some client documents might be paper-based, while other relevant documents might exist as digital files. These formatting discrepancies can needlessly complicate any legal process, as it forces employees to bounce back and forth between documents from various places, which can be excessively time-consuming.

However, with Yocale’s Document Attachment features, you can add documents directly to a client’s profile within Yocale – allowing for easy, unhampered document access. This way, any time you visit a client’s profile, you’ll be able to access any and all of their documents from one convenient place – it’s that simple!

For starters, using Yocale’s browser-based interface to explore your client database is nearly effortless. You can find clients by sorting names alphabetically, or by searching for their name, email or phone number.

Once you’ve found the client you’re looking for, clicking their name will reveal more details about them. To get started adding or viewing client documents, just click Documents.

If you or your employees have uploaded any documents to a client’s profile, they’ll appear here. To add a new document, just click the Add Document button at the bottom left-hand corner.

With Yocale, you can upload a wide variety of files to a client’s profile, including .doc, .docx, .pdf, .jpg, .png, .xls, .xlsx, .xps and .zip. You can also add a brief description to any and all uploaded documents for easier reference.

Once you’ve chosen the file you’d like to upload, just hit the upload button, and you’re done! The uploaded document will now be available for viewing at any time within your client’s profile.

A Better Way To Manage Your Client Base – Online, All The Time

With Yocale, your client database revolves around your scheduled appointments and services.

When you add an appointment with a new client to your Yocale Scheduler, you’ll be able to create a dedicated profile for that client in just a few clicks. This way, you’ll be able to start storing that client’s documents online right away, making the process of retrieving their documents in the future a lot easier!

Creating a new client profile from an appointment is as easy as clicking the New Booking button in your Yocale Scheduler view.  

From here, you’ll be able to fill out the details of the appointment, including the service you’re offering and the date and time.

On the next screen, enter the client’s details – such as name, telephone number, and email. Note that you can always edit this information later if any information is entered incorrectly.

Once you hit save and the appointment is created, your client’s profile will now be available within your client database for easy, anytime reference! You’ll be able to start adding documents to their profile within Yocale right away.

As you work away on your client’s cases, keeping brief memos regarding their appointments can help you focus and guide your efforts. Sometimes these quick entries don’t warrant entire documents, though, and that’s why Yocale also allows you add client notes to any appointment.

To do so, just navigate to a client’s profile and click the notes block.

Any notes you’ve added in the past will appear on this screen, and each note is automatically associated with a prior appointment. To add a new one, just click Add Notes.

Make The Switch Today

Yocale brings a full breadth of organizational features to your business, enabling you to take your legal practice to the next level. Our browser-based interface allows you to store and retrieve documents easily, stay in-sync with your clients via built-in notation, and much, much more.

With Yocale, it’s never been easier to elevate and evolve your workflow – get started for FREE today!

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