Property Management and Online Booking Trends

The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the transition towards a primarily technological management approach across many sectors, and the property market has been no exception. However, as many property managers and private landlords have come to realize, the benefits of utilizing modern management technologies goes far beyond the current need for crisis mitigation. Many pandemic-necessary online solutions have also improved efficiency across the board – as the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention.

Thus, with the property industry taking a sharp and permanent turn towards online management, it’s imperative that property managers keep up with the trends. Another significant shift in the real estate industry is the consideration to act solely versus outsourcing a rental property agent.

The pandemic has forced many entrepreneurs to decrease their expenses and consider managing their own properties- with a little help from technology, of course.

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Why Manage Property Online?

Aside from the necessity for remote management, given the restrictions that Covid-19 has imposed, there are many benefits to move the majority of your management tasks online. These include:

Heightened Efficiency

Workflow automation is equal to greater efficiency. To have all the records at your fingertips saves time. Streamlining processes, automating repetitive tasks and scheduling important tasks allows you to stay ahead of the game. In addition, it ensures that your properties are well maintained and your tenants are satisfied with much greater ease.

Collect Payments Online

Another vital task to benefit from streamlining is to move deposits or rent payments online and automate the process.

Offering electronic payments can result in happier residents as they no longer need to spend $60-$100 on a cheque book and avoid the vexing process of providing post dated cheques. Online payments are ideal for keeping your area germ free and collecting deposits for the party room and other amenity reservations.

An all- in-one solution software like Yocale has integration with Stripe to provide a smooth payment infrastructure for both parties

Remote Management

Being able to manage your property virtually provides the luxury of control from anywhere in the world. For instance, whether you are at home, in the middle of a school run or on a beach somewhere exotic and have access to the internet- you are set. The freedom to work remotely exceeds personal benefit but allows greater flexibility and efficiency. The results can only improve the output and potential growth of your property business.

Maintenance Organization

Organizing routine property maintenance is a breeze with a little help from technology. With its colour coded calendar, Yocale’s scheduling software will no doubt enhance your management skills and allow you to arrange the work to be carried out effortlessly remotely.

This level of organization and efficiency leads to happy tenants, as well as less stress to keep up with everything.

Avoiding Errors

Finding the right property management software to suit your purposes is essential, whether you are a seasoned commercial property manager or a DIY first-timer. When you do, you can enjoy the benefits of drastically reducing costly errors. The smallest of mistakes often end up being the most expensive. With the right software doing most of the heavy lifting when it comes to data entry and keep track, such disasters will be much easier to avoid.

What about Yocale?

Aside from spending money on a full-blown property management software, adapting to an all-in-one solution software like Yocale is imperative. If you are considering managing your properties alone but need to make organization your top priority, Yocale is your solution.

The need to offer amenity reservation for your residents online is prevalent. Deliver a more effective tenant experience and offer:

✅Multi-Resource Reservation
✅Real time Reservation
✅Tailored Time and Capacity Limits
✅Electronic Covid-19 screening
✅Electronic Payment- Online deposits
✅Notification of upcoming reservations
✅ Sent and receive rental applications with electronic signatures
✅Enhance Communication. Let residents know of building wide news and upcoming events.

Resource Booking

An online scheduling system boosts a plethora of benefits when managing your property remotely; but the main one is its resource booking ability. In the Covid-19 epoch, each amenity needs to be reserved in advance, including fitness facilities, pools, party room, public elevator for move in and move out, and or electronic room reservations for setting up internet connections.

Using Yocale’s resource management feature, you have the flexibility to meet social distancing protocols while providing reservation convenience, respectfully. For instance, offer the fitness facility for bookings and meet health and safety protocols by setting the maximum number of individuals that can reserve within that time slot. To achieve further customization, set up by request appointments.

Online Booking Calendar

Stay on top of repairs and maintenance, arrange meetings with current or prospective tenants and keep track of all important dates with the Yocale online booking calendar. This smart and simple tool is fully customizable and easy to view and manage to keep you enviably organized!

Client Management

Yocale’s client Management tool stores everything from tenancy documents to receipts and maintenance requests in the tenant’s file electronically, manage client data and history, rental payment records, create reports, and link them all to their contact details with no paper trail.

Business Management

With the Yocale business management suite you can securely automate your business to the cloud, whilst being hosted by Microsoft Azure, the leading choice by Fortune 500 companies for keeping sensitive data safe.

From here, you can create business reports, track legalities, requirements, and obligations, and integrate your calendar and other tools for a comprehensive remote property management system. Being able to create real-time reports is a powerful decision-making tool to add to your approach.


There has never been a more crucial time for residential buildings to maximize their management capabilities in the most effective way by offering self-service reservation technology, online.

Yocale provides property managers and residents simple but revolutionary resources that exceed convenience in their day-to-day lives.

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