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Receive Instant Booking Notifications For Your Veterinary Practice

Vet practices face very demanding scheduling needs every single day.

With the average vet clinic schedule changing within minutes, the entire practice can be quickly thrown into disarray if a single misstep is made.

Simply put, an efficient and seamless scheduling process absolutely critical for the overall health of your practice.

Schedules must be tight while still leaving room for animals who require urgent care. Walk-ins, diagnostics and appointments that simply run longer than expected must also be factored in.

Without efficient and seamless scheduling process, your staff can become overburdened, your practice experiences delays, you may be unable to actually see the animals who require care, and your veterinary practice image diminishes in the process.

The result is a loss of revenue.

Ultimately, there is a lot on the line at a veterinary practice and scheduling has run like a well-oiled machine as there are a lot of moving parts.

All of this means that the entire staff at any veterinary practice, from receptionists to vet assistants to all of the veterinarians, have to know what is going on all times. Your staff needs to be instantly aware of new appointments, cancelled appointments and appointments that are rescheduled so that all staff are in a position to act accordingly – and quickly.

With instant booking notifications (i.e. a veterinary reminder system offered by free veterinary software like Yocale), all staff receives instant notifications via email and SMS (text) whenever a new appointment is booked, cancelled or rescheduled.

This feature is absolutely critical to having a vet practice that runs seamlessly, but more on this below.

Why Instant Booking Notifications Are Critical For Your Vet Practice

  • Keep Your Practice Running Seamlessly

With instant notifications, all of your employees always are always up to date on everything happening at your clinic. If a client cancels, you are aware of this right then and there and can make the necessary changes – and quickly.

This prevents unnecessary delays that could occur if staff members who are preparing the examination room don’t get the message.

Further, instant notifications for all staff members ensures that lines of communication don’t get crossed, which could also lead to unnecessary delays and unhappy pet owners. The reality of the veterinary practice is that’s changing.

Pet owners are expecting more and that includes timely appointments and personalized care to name a few. If your practice fails to meet these expectations, these poor experiences can quickly spread online and damage your practice’s image.

With a veterinary reminder system and instant booking notifications, you are always in control of your schedule, which keeps your practice running smoothly.

  • Automate Your Practice

Did you know how much an inefficient business is costing you every year? The answer is between 20% and 30%.

So, by automating part of the scheduling process via automated notifications, your receptionists don’t have to spend time alerting you (or the actual client) every time a new appointment is booked.

This results in a more efficient practice and a boost to your overall revenue. Your staff can spend their time on more high-value tasks, which results in a more competitive practice overall as well.

How to Set up Instant Booking Notifications

Step 1: From your email drop-down menu, select ‘Manage’ > ‘People’

Step 2: Next, select the provider and click ‘Edit Settings’

Step 3: Select ‘Booking.’ You can go ahead and change your particular booking settings. But, ensure that ‘Email’ and ‘SMS’ are checked under ‘Notify me when appointments are booked/cancelled/rescheduled.

Step 4: The last step is to save your settings.

Wrapping It Up

Vet practices have demanding schedules, which requires that their scheduling processes are efficient and seamless.

Instant booking notifications ensure that your entire is notified whenever an appointment is booked, cancelled or rescheduled. This keeps all staff on track so that you can deliver timely care to your patients and keep your clients happy.

By automating your notifications, you give your practice a competitive edge and boost your revenue while also minimizing any conflicts that could arise when lines of communication get crossed.

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Do you have any tips for running a veterinary practice? What works for you and what doesn’t? We’d love to hear about your experience below.


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