Reduce No-Shows With Client Notifications And Reminders

Reduce No-Shows With Client Notifications And Reminders

For service-based business owners, a nightmare might consist of something as terrifying as the the dreaded no-show!

Those who have spent years building and refining their business, no-shows are a real threat – in both the short-term and longterm!

The problem is, many business owners just choose to neglect or ignore the issue of no-shows, rather than trying to address the problem with a solution.

Thankfully, in 2018, solutions to the ever-present risk of no-shows are abundant. More specifically, the advent of digital technology allows businesses to circumvent appointment negligence with ease with features like client notifications and reminders.

But are these features really enough to tackle the problem of no-shows? And if so, how exactly do they work?

Courtesy of us at Yocale – let’s take a look!

Identifying The Problem With No-Shows

To effectively combat no-shows, it’s essential to understand why clients fail to show up for their appointments in the first place.

Unfortunately, there isn’t one convenient reason or root cause for all appointment negligence. In fact, there are dozens of possibilities. Some of the most common explanations might include a sudden change of plans, an emergency situation, or financial instability.

Simply put, sometimes, life happens! And although no business will ever be able to avoid no-shows entirely due to these unforeseen circumstances, there is a sizeable percentage of missed appointments that do just come down to plain old forgetfulness!

In fact, research has shown that, on average, adults forget about three things a day. This trend of absent-mindedness leads people to momentarily forget their passwords, chores, and yes – even their appointments!

And while the other causes of appointment negligence often can’t be avoided, fortunately, client forgetfulness is easily combated. All it takes is a little strategic reminding!

Cut Down On No-Shows With Little Effort

The problem with traditional appointment reminders is that they’re too little and typically, too early.

For many clients, the fast-paced nature of their lives renders any premature appointment reminder as useless. Receiving a voicemail reminder well in advance often doesn’t allow the appointment date to “stick” in one’s mind – and therefore, the appointment still runs the risk of being missed.

That’s why effective appointment reminders have to be strategically timed. If a client receives a reminder at the appropriate time, they’re much less likely to forget about their appointment, as well as the reminder itself.

With that in mind, you might be wondering – what’s the lowdown on strategic appointment reminder timing? What’s the best time to send reminders – and why?

Well, thankfully, you don’t need to hire or consult a team of sociologists or psychologists to know the answer!

In fact, with scheduling software like Yocale, appointment reminders are sent automatically to your clients via SMS text and email. There’s no additional scheduling or data entry required – once the software detects that a client is due for a visit, they’ll be automatically reminded without any further effort on your part.

Now that’s strategic reminding!

Reduce Stress On Your Staff

While automatic reminders offer your clients an impressive degree of convenience, they’re also notably beneficial for staff, too!

After all, it’s great to keep your clients in-the-loop in regards to their appointments. However, if your reminders are costing your staff hours of their valuable workplace time – well, there’s probably a better way.

And fortunately, there is! With automatic client reminders, you can cut down on no-shows without needing your staff to be glued to their phones for hours at a time.

Because scheduling software appointment reminders are automated, your staff are then free to redirect their attention to more important matters – such as attending to the needs of your in-house clients!

We estimate that Yocale’s client notifications reduce staff time on the phone by as much as 80%, which is certainly not a number to scoff at. Running a successful business is all about optimization and – let’s be honest – manually leaving phone messages just isn’t the best use of your exceptionally talented receptionist team.

Introducing automatic reminders could drastically transform the day-to-day work lives of your employees for the better, allowing them to divert their focus away from mundane tasks and towards your treasured clients instead!

Helpful Notifications For Your Staff, Too

Don’t think that your clients will be able to keep all the helpful reminders to themselves, either!

With scheduling software, you can set up your staff to receive notifications regarding their upcoming appointments, too!

Any time an appointment is booked, canceled, or rescheduled, your staff can receive an update straight from their mobile devices via SMS text or email, just like a client would. Each employee gets their own online scheduler account, too – so they can log in from anywhere and check-in with their schedule at any time.

Staff notifications empower your employees with an unparalleled level of schedule flexibility and synchronicity. No longer will they be tethered to the workplace – as long as they have internet access and a mobile device, they can stay in-sync with their schedules from wherever they are!

With scheduling software, living in constant fear of no-shows can be a thing of the past. By intuitively reconnecting both clients and staff with their appointments, you’ll be able to strengthen both your profits and your client relationships – allowing your business to reach extraordinary new heights.

That said, the benefits of utilizing scheduling software for your business certainly don’t end there. We’d love to show you what else scheduling software can do for you!

Thanks for reading!

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