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  • What is reserve with google?

  • Google Reserve is a new way to be found and booked for services and classes in your local area. Similar to Yocale’s marketplace but now on a Google level!

    Here is how it works:

    1. When a potential new client searches for a service or a business using Google Search, Google Maps, or the Reserve with Google website, they will see the upcoming matched services & classes you’re offering. Google users will then have the option to select an appointment or class time, and optionally purchase and complete their transaction right from the Google screen.

    2. If a Google user searches for your business name, your Google Business listing on Google Search and Google Maps will now have a "BOOK" button which will then show your realtime availability for instant online booking.

    This makes the booking experience faster and more efficient. In addition, if the user has their credit card information stored through Google Wallet, they can use that to pay during the booking process.

    To find out more information about Yocale on Reserve with Google click on the links below:

    Online Booking for Beauty And Wellness
    google's Book Appointment Button for Salons, Spas

    To read more about Google Reserve, check out Google’s blog post:

    To find businesses in your area click here

    To sign up for Google Reserve click here!

  • How Much Does Reserve With Google Cost?

  • Reserve With Google is Free. There is no additional charge or fee for being a part of the program. It is a free service to help you gain new customers and make your clients booking experience that much easier.

  • How Do I Get the Book Button On My Google Business Listing And Get New Bookings From Google Search & Google Maps?

  • All businesses with a profile on Yocale and an active booking schedule will be automatically available for booking by new clients on Reserve with Google.

    If you just signed up, it will take about 24hrs for your listing to be updated with a Book Button and to be shown on Reserve with Google website.

  • What Does The Booking Button On My Google Business Do?

  • The Book button means your business is now ready and optimized for Reserve With Google and Online bookings! In other words, The Book button allows Google users to discover your services and book appointments with you online anytime of the day or night. Your services and business will be presented on Google Search Results pages, Google Maps, and the Reserve With Google Page.

    Why Am I Listed?

  • Why Don't I See A Book Button On Google Search For My Business Listing?

  • Reserve with Google is currently only available in United States and only for Beauty and Wellness. If you are in US and in one of these two verticals but you don't see the "Book" button, then this may be because you haven't set your availability or your schedule has expired.

    If you have an active availability but you still don't see a "Book" button when you google yourself on your Google listing then please contact us on live chat or send an email to support at Yocale dot com.

  • Can I Connect A Different Calendar To Reserve With Google?

  • No. Reserve with Google is currently only available and linked to one of the official Reserve with Google Partners online booking and online scheduling systems.

  • What If I Don’t Want To Be Listed?

  • If you don’t want to be listed on the new Reserve With Google program then simply email us at and we can assist with the removal of your listing.

  • What If I Am Using A Different Calendar Now Or Need Some Times To Update My Availability On Yocale?

  • You can either modify your availability on Yocale by removing your schedule, or just get notified by txt and email anytime there is a new booking made. In addition, you can also contact us if you need help to be informed by phone anytime there is a new booking until your Yocale calendar is up to date. Just make sure you have setup a long enough lead time to avoid double bookings.

  • How Do I Update My Profile On Reserve With Google?

  • If you need to update, modify, or finish completing your listing on Yocale which is displaying Reserve With Google, we’re here to help! You can either email us at support at yocale dot com or follow along to the easy guides to make your profile Reserve With Google ready. Click below for any of the guides to help get your listing up to date.

    Get your listing information updated:

    Set Up Your Business Profile
    Setup/Edit Your Provider Profile

    To setup your proper notifications for your listing click here.
    And check here to learn how to setup/edit your business/provider online availability.

  • How Am I Notified Of Bookings Through Reserve With Google?

  • Bookings automatically appear on your Yocale Calendar. In addition, if you have your Yocale booking notifications ON, then you will also be notified by either email or SMS. With the likelihood of an increased volume of bookings coming through the Reserve with Google program, we recommend you take a moment to review your notification settings.

  • What About Double Bookings Now That I’m Bookable Through Google Reserve?

  • Double bookings won’t occur if you’re using the Yocale calendar for your appointments and class management. Reserve with Google pulls the availability from your Yocale calendar so long as your Yocale calendar is up to date, then you’re safe from being double booked through Reserve with Google.

  • What About My Cancellations & Booking Policies?

  • You can set your cancellation & Booking policies including minimum lead time directly in Yocale and all your booking rules would automatically get respected and enforced.

  • Do Google Users Get Reminded of Their Upcoming Appointments?

  • Yes, Google users will get appointment confirmation and reminders of their upcoming appointments. In addition, you can provide them with custom info on their notifications. They will also have the ability to modify and manage their appointments based on custom policies you have setup in your Yocale calendar.

  • How Are Payments Processed Through Google? How Are My Client’s Credit Card Information Stored?

  • If you have enabled your classes or services to accept pre-payments then Google will prompt the user (your client) to pay with the credit card they have already stored in their Google Wallet. If there’s no card stored, they will be asked to add one.

    Once the user enters the payment, Google passes the card information through the Yocale payments processing system via a secured connection.

    Yocale then submits the card information and transaction amount to be processed through your existing merchant account.

    The payment is processed and settled exactly as if the user had directly provided their card information through your business, and the funds are automatically deposited into your merchant account.

    Your client’s credit card information will not be stored in your Yocale site, however it is stored in their Google Wallet.

  • I am Not Using Yocale Why Am I Listed?

  • I am Not Using Yocale Why Am I Listed? If you have an active profile on Yocale which may have been added at some point through our simple sign up page, you would be listed. Your availability is passed to Reserve with Google based on the schedule of availability that is on your profile.

    You can go here and login to access and modify your services and availability.

    If you don’t remember your password, just click on the “Forgot Password?” option and you can retrieve your password on the email that was used to signup. If you need any assistance to update your services, length of time, prices and would like this availability updated, corrected or removed let us know and we’d be happy to help. You can use the chat option on our site or email us to

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