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More Revenue with Mobile Banking

Rise of Mobile Bookings: Secret to Maximizing Revenue

What is a major social dilemma today? We did some digging and it seems to be the attachment towards our smart phones, to a point that it can feel cathartic– temporary of course. The obsession with our devices can result in negative repercussions on our cognitive functions. However, if you are a business selling a service or a product it arises a major opportunity. Technology also creates convenience for the end user, of course, so let’s review the futuristic benefits of the digital world.

Mobile Bookings Statistic

The rise of mobile bookings is at an all time high and will intensify as we launch into a new year. While smartphone sales may be on a decline due to a 6.6% YOY drop in shipment volumes, the consensus is that usage is continually progressing. To put the massive increase in mobile booking into perspective, HEBS Digital Client Portfolio Data reported that in 2017, 59% of web visitors and over 51% of page views were produced from mobile devices. This is a major increase from the previous two years where only 38% of web visitors and 40% of page views was generated from a smart phone.

In 2019 alone, 76% of individuals used their mobile devices to book appointments and 12% of clicks turned into confirmed online bookings. In fact, here is an astonishing statistic that stood out on the travel agent central website:

“Mobile bookings are more likely to be in higher fare classes. Compared to bookings made on a computer, bookings made on a smartphone are 15.8 percent more likely to be business class.”

This tells us that individuals with the most discretionary income use their mobile phones more frequently to book online. Now, this is the caliber of clientele you want to attract. Nearly 85% of travellers book activities on their mobile device and 148 million travel bookings are completed online annually.

The rise of mobile bookings is on an incline and the secret to maximizing sales and revenue. So how can you take advantage of this massive opportunity? Set up your website to take (multi service) bookings!

Smart Online Booking Widget

We now know that the fastest growing channel for appointment booking is booking on a smart phone. Did you know that Yocale has an extremely cool tool for booking appointments on a mobile device? The booking widget can be synced or embedded within your business website to take bookings in a professional manner.

The client can keep it cool and simple and book an individual service or they can book multi services with different providers. If you operate a multi location business, your customer can pick and chose the preferred location(s) for each service and even filter out the wait times in between appointments upon selection. There is a plethora of ways the booking widget is engineered to operate, so you have a plethora of options to customize your booking widget!

When you need to personalize your booking process to a fine degree, you might possibly chose to offer the booking widget in another language-, A multilingual booking widget for your monolingual clients. Can you visualize the competitive advantage and the new range of customers you can acquire?

For your entertainment, we have included a demo video that captures the uniqueness of the widget. Here, the client is choosing the location that suits them best and selecting their preferred provider by choosing the gender they feel most comfortable with. The customer is also able to view the provider’s profile and reviews in full detail while selecting their preferred language. Eighteen seconds into the video, the customer is required to fill out minor information before the system confirms their appointment. The format you see is the embed form format, but you can also attach the form and include any details you need your client to fulfill.

Using the form feature, the system collects and stores any information you require from your clients in advance. Instead, you can invest your time and energy in other areas of your business. Your clients will also appreciate the time you save them during their appointment, inter alia.

No more calling, leaving voice mails, having a receptionist call back and then call back again to confirm your appointment. When you design your booking page, you can allow your clients to choose recurring appointments, and even pay through the platform. Keep it simple, keep it together. To view the different style formats and how to implement the widget, click the link.

Yocale’s Progressive Mobile Application designed to be responsive with various devices. This twenty second demo video captures the convenience of booking appointments directly from a mobile device:

There you have it folks. Mobile bookings are the future and statistics and research don’t lie. In order to acquire new clients and gain a competitive advantage, prepare your business and upgrade today.

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