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Why Schedulicity Clients Switch to Yocale

In the last year, we’ve noticed a trend of Schedulicity clients coming to Yocale in their search for a more inclusive and user-friendly software, either after hearing some complaints from their customers who have gotten confused during the booking process, or if providers want to start recording their treatment notes electronically within their software, and in a few instances clients have chosen to switch software because their monthly cost* had increased significantly due to currency exchange rates.

Schedulicity is an appointment scheduling marketplace and online booking software, established in 2007.  As one of the first, big players in the appointment booking space, Schedulicity has a lot of great features and an established clientele.

As the appointment scheduling software market has advanced and evolved in the last decade, Schedulicity’s features are still relevant but some industry segments have found their software hasn’t completely kept up with their business needs, namely in user-interface design, mobile compatibility and secure treatment notes (SOAP note) integration for the allied health industries.

Yocale’s appointment booking marketplace and business management software solution was launched in 2013 to address the needs of the industry by integrating the trends of our more mobile-focused culture as well as the ability to offer a higher level of data security for client and business data.  Particularly in the health sector, health professionals were looking for ways to take their entire practice paperless – Yocale created a solution for them to do that.

With Yocale, not only can you manage your entire business and staff in multiple locations (including mobile services), keep your treatment notes held securely in the cloud so they are accessible from any device, anywhere, any time; you can also use the power of local marketing and our multi-faceted appointment and referral marketplace.

3 Reasons Why Schedulicity Clients switch to Yocale:

customer experience1. User Interface:

Schedulicity is a high functioning online booking system but it’s lack of design upgrades for the customer-facing user interface causes businesses to suffer due to missed bookings and confused customers. While the functions and features are all there, it is sometimes very hard for clients to find and book appointments for the services or with the service providers they prefer. At Yocale, we’ve made booking appointments a 2-click process, with provider images and full provider descriptions so your customers don’t get lost or confused during the booking process.

soap notes

2. Electronic Treatment (SOAP) Notes:

Being able to keep all of your patient data secure, cloud-encrypted and digital not only makes record-keeping a lot faster and efficient, it also means less liability of paper files and searching endlessly for treatment records. With Yocale, not only can you record your treatment notes, you can also attach images and other important documents, right to your client file. This feature alone allows professionals to upgrade their business processes, reduce costs and save hours and hours of time all included with their online booking software.

pricing3. Pricing:

Schedulicity has a very attractive starting point price for business but very soon the additional add-ons of select features start adding up.  Another pricing complaint is that Schedulicity is billed in US$ – for Canadians, this means prices have been raised significantly over the last year.

Switching from one software system may seem like a headache but that’s the beauty of CRM systems, your database of clients, services and providers are all held in basically one spreadsheet. Transferring the data is a quick and easy process of moving that spreadsheet into a new system, just like buying a new phone and your data gets instantly uploaded to the new model, the work goes on behind the scenes to make sure everything runs seamlessly. Nobody wants to spend hours on the phone with tech support, or stay up past midnight staring frustrated at their bright computer screen, take a hands-free approach we’ll do it all for you with our complete data-migration support.

*Canadian businesses only


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