Secure Mental Health EMR Software for Therapists in 2021

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Can you decipher a first class world where mental health therapy is easily accessible to those that need it the most? To deliver a state of mental and social well being, a secure mental health EMR software for therapists could contribute to this phenomenon in 2021.

A mental health EMR (electronic medical records) software exodus many benefits for therapists. Think about it, in order to diagnose and treat mental disorders precisely, therapists need an all-inclusive analysis of the patient’s history and medication. Behavioral therapists are required to store (and protect) confidential information and data, which is precarious and labour intensive. An EMR mental health software provides the resources to step up your patient care and diagnosis with proper documentation and reliability.

Let’s review obstacles faced by mental health therapists in 2021 and solutions that are offered by a mental health EMR software.

Challenges Faced by Mental Health Therapists

After comprehensive due diligence and exchange of information with mental health therapists, here are some challenges faced by behavioural practitioners today:

  1. Maintaining paperwork, psychotherapy notes and records
  2. Decreasing overhead expenses
  3. Safely storing confidential information and medical history
  4. Decreasing appointment cancellations and last minute no shows
  5. Delegating administration tasks. For instance, sending and receiving data digitally
  6. Reducing risk associated with medication errors
  7. Improve patient-therapist relationships and being able to track therapeutic progress effectively

It dawned on us the plethora of obstacles that mental health therapists and similar practitioners face. Even more astonishing, a secure EMR mental health software for therapists can effortlessly resolve these obstacles.

Components of a Mental Health EMR Software

Automaton powerfully increases productivity and reduces cost. A secure mental health EMR software automates tasks, simplifies scheduling, increases your online bookings, creates billing precision, reduces patient no shows by 86% and provides the capability to create long term therapeutic relationships with a centralized patient portal.

Secure Mental Health EMR Software for Therapists

In the next section, we will assimilate how a mental health software can help to overcome challenges faced by behavioral therapists and other mental health professionals. And not to worry, a cloud based mental health solution software doesn’t need to cost your practice an arm or a leg, we’ve got you covered with some free resources.

Free Psychotherapy Notes Software

Documentation is key when it comes to monitoring and progress of your mental health patients. After all, you want to excel in your mental health profession and offer the best patient care and quality of life. What better way to do so than document the therapeutic journey with paperless psychotherapy notes, inter alia precisely and effortlessly.

A secure mental health EMR software for therapists provides secure psychotherapy notes, fewer data entry errors, and less tedious paperwork. In addition, when you evolve from physical to digital, you are promoting an eco-friendly practice that groups like millennials love to support.

Speaking of eco-friendly, my imagination started running wild on how many trees we can save by a simple switch to electronic therapy notes. With an average therapist who sees 5 clients a day, 5 days a week, 2 sheets per client per treatment, that makes a pile of over 40,000 sheets, double that with insurance forms, and double it again for folders. That’s ~120,000 sheets of paper = 1200 – 1500 lbs, 110 meters cubed, which would fill a 4000 cubic foot storage unit, costing about $280/month to take care of. With saving one tree, we are saving nearly 260 pounds of oxygen of growing air each year.

Furthermore, wouldn’t it be clever to eliminate the extra hour at the end of your sessions to transfer your psychotherapy notes? With the right EMR software, therapists can take a photo of their therapy notes and upload it to the clients digital file. Commit to a mental health practice management software which saves you time and money.

Secure Electronic Medical Records

Private practice therapists need to collect and store a plethora of confidential data; It is prominent that the data is collected efficiently and stored securely. A mental health practice management software with secure and fast data transfer is an excellent measure to consider before committing to am EMR software. Therapists should demand digital resources like:

  • Electronically sending and collecting consent forms, evaluation forms and health record data with e-signature capability
  • Drag and drop form builder to create specific templates for customized intake and evaluation forms.
  • Annotation and collaboration capabilities, examination and charting via digital forms
  • Secure, cloud based access to medical history and (behavioural) assessment and treatment.

As demanded by practitioners we interviewed, an EMR mental health software in 2021 should create a gateway which makes creating, delivering and receiving customized intake and evaluation forms as efficient as clicking a button.

Patient Portal: Health Information Management

A patient portal that securely manages and displays the patient’s full portfolio, health information, past diagnosis and psychotherapy notes all in one place translates to better care and wellness tracking. With a patient management solution software, therapists can filter out peculiar patient information, track billing and payments, view psychotherapy notes and more with a click of a button.

Enhance Therapeutic Relationships

Research led by Sigmund Freud confirms that a good therapeutic relationship is essential in the success of a patient’s experience and progress. The patient must trust that the therapist has the knowledge, skill set, and desire to provide accurate diagnosis and care. In a nut shell, a healthy compatibility and skill level of the therapist contribute to long term patient-therapist relationships.

What measures can practitioners take to match the right therapist with the right patient? For starters, it is crucial to offer a scheduling tool with the capability to filter out therapists based on rating, gender, and the specialty of practitioner upon booking. If the patient has concerns of a multiple personality disorder, their booking search can be prioritized by a “personality disorder specialist” tag. The stronger the therapeutic relationship is, the more open and vulnerable patients will be which leads to better diagnosis and tailor treatments.

Decrease “No Shows

Missed Appointment leads to missed revenue. Did you know 23% of patients don’t show up unless they are reminded about their appointments and no shows cost practitioners $200 per unused time slot? With automated text notification and appointment confirmations, 84% of no shows can become obsolete.

Teletherapy From Your Couch

Patients demand convenience of quick and easy scheduling along with video teletherapy. When therapists virtually check in with their patients face-to-face, non-verbal cues are assimilated and trust is easily accelerated. A complete EMR mental health software provides the opportunity to commence teletherapy sessions and offers rich content sharing. Share your screen with patients and other mental health professionals, upload and assess clinical records or behavioral tests, allow participants to annotate or share knowledge-based videos all in one place. Click to see the teletherapy process in action:

For additional security, a mental health EMR software should meet HIPAA-compliant requirements. Additionally, to make billing as efficient as possible, therapists should have access to electronic payments. Receiving contactless payments and pre-deposits decrease no shows and guarantee a booked time slot. An integrated mental health system with the capability to take deposits provides a 70% decrease in cancellations and no-shows.

We Want to Help You Succeed  

A secure mental health EMR software for therapists results in operating a smarter, faster, and profitable practice by streamlining workflows and maximizing performance insight. A practice management software that offers electronic psychotherapy notes, a patient portal, scheduling, billing, and teletherapy synergized into one allows remote therapy from anywhere, all that you require is internet connection. If you are looking to open a private counselling practice, follow this excellent checklist to lead you towards the right direction in your mental health career.

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