Set up a Nearshore Development Team in 3 Easy Steps

In-house software developers are an asset to many companies. However, the cost of hiring a development team and purchasing the necessary tools as well as software can quickly escalate. To cut down on these costs and ensure a smooth-running of processes, software development outsourcing is a great option.

There are various ways to go about software development outsourcing. However, in this article, we are going to focus on nearshore software development

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Nearshore Software Development: What Is It?

Nearshore software development is a practice where a company contracts an external company to work on their software development projects. Unlike offshoring, where the company is located in a country far away, nearshore software development companies are in a nearby country, within the same time-zone.

There are many benefits of Nearshore outsourcing. Apart from the lower costs, companies can enjoy proximity and faster communications. It also minimizes the risks of having language barriers. 

For software outsourcing to work, you need a strong and highly dedicated team. Building a great team is not something that you do overnight. It requires research and proper planning.

How Can You Set Up A Nearshore Development Team In 3 Easy Steps?

Setting up a nearshore development team is not a walk in the park. However, by following these three easy steps, you improve your chances of building a team that allows you to achieve your software development goals.

Let us delve into specifics.

  • Understand company goals

The first step to successful nearshore outsourcing is to understand the goals and objectives for the specified project and the company at large.

For starters, understand the company’s specific needs and the number of people you need in your team. Knowing the type of developers you want working on your project is also of the utmost importance. Gather your managers for a brainstorming session. Together, define the core requirements. Make them clear and easy to understand to ensure your partners grasp every concept.

  • Find the ideal team

The team is the backbone of the project. As such, the importance of finding the right team cannot be over-emphasized. Make a list of potential candidates and check their portfolios. Be keen on their expertise and ask for referrals.

Additionally, you must check whether the companies have the necessary tools and resources to undertake your projects successfully. Once that is out of the way, narrow your list down to at least three companies. From each of these companies, ask to interview the developer that will be in charge of the project. Opt for one who understands your goals and is proficient in your programming language of choice.

  • Team management

Managing a nearshore software development is tasking. Yet, it is an integral part of ensuring the overall success of the project. 

After hiring an ideal development team, the first step in their management is to visit them. It is a crucial step as you are both getting to know each other. Use this time to interact and see the team at work. 

After the visit, have regular meetings online. Thanks to technological advancements in communication, there are various tools that company owners can use to keep in touch with the nearshore team. By holding these regular group meetings, both teams can compare notes and see if they are on the same page. Also, they will identify challenges in the development process, allowing both teams to devise creative ways to fix them to ensure the project is completed on time.

With clearly outlined objectives, a talented team, and the right management practices, companies can rest easy knowing nearshore outsourcing will help them grow significantly and scale smartly.

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