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Small business guide to online reputation management

As more people use the internet to find products & services, more businesses build their online presence to cater to customer needs. No doubt Internet has made it efficient for businesses to reach out to their customers and at the same time it has empowered customers to write reviews and rate these businesses.

For lazy business owners the good old days of the feedback in the box are gone, feedbacks and reviews are being shared in the public domain through various review sites. If a customer has an opinion about your business, good or bad, the world will know it and there is little you can do stop that.

As business owners there are couple of steps you can make to leverage the positive reviews and offset the negative ones.

Good Reviews Make For Excellent Customer Testimonials
For a business owner there is nothing as fulfilling as a positive customer review. Using these positive reviews and turning them into customer testimonials and publicizing them through the business’s website and social media properties is a great way of communicating your business values to your potential future customers.

Leverage happy customers as brand ambassadors
Monitor your online reviews regularly and reach out to those happy customers. Happy customers will ultimately be your brand ambassadors and will spread the word.

Always respond to negative comment
The only thing worst than receiving a public negative review is not responding to it. Customers leave negative reviews for various reasons. Could be your product/service may have not met their expectations or something out of ordinary may have altered their perception of your product/service. It is important to reach out to unsatisfied customers. Be polite and attentive in your response and try to fully understand their concern and when necessary offer them incentives to try your product/service again and win them over. Possibly even turn them into future brand ambassadors.

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