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Smart (Multilingual) Online Booking Widget

Speaking more than one language is always an essential asset, regardless of the situation. Whether you are travelling overseas, in a corporate setting or just interpreting for someone in need of translation, your bilingual capabilities are valuable. The same goes for a business that caters to a variety of languages without exclusions. Since we prefer to include (versus exclude), we’ve engineered our booking Widget to be translatable and multilingual.

What if your business offers a wide range of services and you prefer to provide exclusive booking for each service group? The Widget is engineered for that as well. Pretty cool, right? Let’s visualize scenarios where utilizing the Widget as your main booking option on your website creates a competitive advantage for your business and provides convenience for customers while attracting new ones.

Multi Language Capability

Yocale’s booking Widget has the potential to be translated to a language of your choice including French, Spanish or German to name a few.

You manage a business with multi locations in Canada , one serving Montreal and one servicing Toronto. Since the majority of the population in Montreal speak French you can offer the widget in French and one in English for your Torontonians. We think that is quite evolutionary! Let’s process that for a minute. Can you imagine the new range of clientele you’ll be winning over?

Exclusive Booking by Service Type

Want more? Your business offers a variation of services, let’s use London Drugs as an example.

London Drugs offers solutions for your pharmaceutical and beauty needs and since the type of services differ exponentially, a booking alternative for each service group would be highly favoured. The company’s website digresses to a separate page depending on the category the customer chooses, which makes exclusive booking (catering to each service category) supreme.

A prime example of this would be syncing a booking Widget for pharmaceutical, one for beauty services and one for photolab services, all with their own unique URL. Adapting to an exclusive online scheduling option based on service type motivates clients to book as they no longer need to shift through a plethora of services to find what they are looking for. You get the idea.

By offering this smart alternative, your business is also achieving safety measures of Covid-19 by screening your patients in advance. Simply set up your service(s) to request any information essential to your patients visit. The visitor would then need to fill out or sign the form before the system confirms their appointment and you will receive the results in real time.

This approach is significant when a patient is needing a new medicine or their current prescription fulfilled. They can simply fill or upload the prescription details before the visit. Wait times become obsolete. Simple yet genius.

Multi Location Ability

Do you operate a multi location business and would like to encounter what your client would experience when booking at multiple locations? Watch this 45 second clip in action. Clients can book multiple services with different providers at multi-locations. Once the widget prompts open, they can chose the service location with the option to add more in the location field.

Say you are a customer wanting to schedule a haircut and a facial on Friday, subsequently. The subsequent times that reconcile best with your schedule are available, but at different locations. Not to mention your ideal hair dresser is only available at the one location on Friday. The widget can find you the best time, with your ideal provider, at locations within your route, while taking distance into its consideration.

In just one-click, consumers can book a group of services by using the “Add another service” field. Once location(s) and services are selected,  accommodating appointment times will appear:

Customize Your Widget

The Widget is fully customizable and can have its own distinctive URL relevant to the service type. Upload your business logo for full personalization! After customizing its aesthetics and adding the business logo, here is how your Widget can look on mobile view:

Beautiful right? Need more? As you get bookings on your Widget, Google Analytics is tracking data and creating results for you.

Ready to impress your clients and offer them this revolutionary booking gadget? Add the Widget to your WordPress websites with this simple how-to video. Don’t have a WordPress website? No problem. You can still upload the Widget and we can help!

Upgrade your business today. Grow more.

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