In helping to do our best to keep small businesses up and running during these difficult times, we have launched Yocale Meet for easy virtual appointments

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Spend Less Time On the Phone, More Time On Your Art; Online Scheduling for Your Tattoo Parlour

The paperless tattoo parlour. Easy for you, Great for your clients.

During the social distancing epoch, it’s almost a necessity to offer online scheduling for your clients. You can now make appointments on your computer, tablet or phone and allow your clients to book appointments from their mobile phone, your Facebook page or your website!

Here are some fun facts about online appointment booking:

By employing Yocale’s scheduling software, you can take advantage of more new bookings, more repeat bookings and see a reduction in no shows. There is no surprise that our software was ranked as one of the top tattoo softwares on SourceForge.

Let’s uncover a some of Yocale’s stunning features that you and your clientele will benefit from.

Appointment Book

Your appointment book shows you exactly what you need to know and is entirely customizable . Due to its color coded features, at a glance you can differentiate your day’s activities and personalize your appointment book:

colour coded calendar

Yocale’s calendar feature offers much more than appointment booking and helping you get organized. For full features like applying filters and the appointment finder that acts as a personal booking assistant, click the link. With options like the recurring appointment feature, create recurring appointments automatically (daily, weekly, monthly etc) to complete your art work!

Online Booking Widget

One of the main benefits of offering a virtual booking system is the flexibility it provides to your clients. Customers can complete their booking at any time of the day, or night, without picking up a phone or worrying about call backs. You might be sleeping but your software is working for you 24/7.

The Widget can be added to your website. Don’t have a website? No worries! Clients can still book you from your Yocale profile, Facebook and Google with the Google Reserve opportunity!

For full Widget features click the link and watch our 45 second demo video to see how the Widget operates:

Your customers are able to book multi services using the Widget, say for a new tattoo consultation and a color touch up in just one click. If your business offers piercing or body jewelry, the multi service feature can work as an upselling tactic, inter alia.

Electronic Forms Are the Future

Have you ever arrived at an appointment you were super excited about only to be greeted with a clipboard of papers? Us too.

By offering digital forms, your tattoo clienteles will no longer be required to fill out forms on a clipboard. Instead, they can fill out intake forms from the comfort of their home. Every detail will be saved and uploaded directly to the client database for future reference.

Being a tattoo artist, you are well aware that perfecting an art can take a number of days or even weeks, depending on the job. It is crucial in your line of work to be able to take progress photos along the way. Take photos as your art evolves and upload them to your clients file. You can also use the photos to build a portfolio! Watch this 30 second demo video on images and form capabilities.

We’ve also included a demo video to illustrate how easy it is to organize client forms and information with Yocale’s form management:

Full Front Desk Functionality

You can take payments with Yocale’s POS system and keep your area germ free! Yocale integrates with Stripe, a complete payment platform to provide you with a flexible payment system. With its drag and drop capability, You can add tips, discount a service, drag additional services and much more! Watch our demo video to see how Yocale’s POS system can evolve your day to day business transactions:

Free 30 day Trial

Are you ready to take your business to the next level and secure a competitive advantage for your tattoo studio? Try our free 30 day trial and access all our comprehensive features! For more information on Yocale’s free and paid software, here is our Pricing Page.

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