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Store Perfect Client Notes For Your Hair Salon

Are your client data binders and file folders overflowing?

Do you have sticky notes all over the place?

Do you find yourself misplacing or losing your client data on a fairly frequent basis?

Do your hair stylists occasionally rely on their memory to remember details about their clients?

Let us tell you: any of the above situations are bad for your salon. There is a better way.

Here’s the thing: client management is one of the most important aspects of running a salon – underrated, yes, but still very important.

Not only does your client data enable your hair stylists to deliver personalized service, but having your data secure, easily accessible and organized (including color coded) increases your salon’s efficiency, which in turn boosts your revenue.

When hairstylists rely on their memory to recall important information like color formulas or their clients’ various preferences, they are leaving a large margin for error – which can easily result in a very unhappy client and affect your salon as a result.

So, what is the solution here?

It’s Yocale’s digital client notes (i.e. salon client management software). All notes are attached to client records, which includes everything from payments to any other type of relevant notes you want to include.

You can add color codes for each client so that tracking is made easy.

Why Your Salon Needs Digital Client Notes

The way in which your hair stylists store their client notes may not be among the top things that you think about when it comes to your salon, but they can mean the difference between a successful salon and a mediocre one.

  • Deliver Personalized Service. Your client notes contain very important information about your clients. They contain color formulas, clients’ preferences regarding products, information regarding clients’ unique needs due to their hair type/color and so on. Having this information easily accessible allows your stylists to deliver personalized service that is tailored toward your clients’ needs, which allows you to achieve better results while also making your clients feel special at the same time.
  • Remember the Little (But Important) Details to Generate Loyalty. With salon client management software, you can also record the details about your clients that can help your stylists establish a connection with them and generate loyalty as a result. Did you know that when companies acknowledge their customers’ birthdays that they feel nearly 74% more positively about that company?

Even something as simple as knowing whether your clients prefer to drink tea or coffee (and serving them this upon arrival at their appointment) can absolutely delight your customers. Knowing your clients’ occupation or what their favorite type of magazines goes a long way in establishing a connection with your clients.

    • Make Smarter Business Decisions. Client notes allow you to see overall trends and patterns that you may not have otherwise noticed but which could be hurting your bottom line. You may not notice, for example, that two particular clients have a habit of not showing up for their appointments. So, noting when clients are late or fail to show up for their appointments (both of which have a big impact on your salon’s profits) allows you to recognize these trends and then take the steps to implement the necessary changes to save your salon both time and money.
  • Increase Average Spend Per Visit. Perhaps a client mentons interest in a new product or service, but they aren’t quite ready to take the next steps. You can take note of this in your client notes and then suggest it the next time they visit you, resulting in an increase in the average spend per visit. Similarly, if you run a special with the purpose of turning your haircut clients into clients that also color their hair, you can record the clients that purchased the special so that you can reach out to them a month or so later to return to have their roots done.
  • Avoid Unhappy Customers (and a Bad Salon Experience). Having client notes easily accessible and organized means that your hair stylists can not only provide a high level of service (by giving their clients exactly what they want), but they can also avoid situations that can directly lead to a poor salon experience due to relying on memory.
  • Send Customized Promotions. When your client notes are organized, you can use this information in smarter ways, such as sending more customized promotions. Here’s an example: once you’ve made a note of your clients’ favorite products, you can alert them when relevant promotions and other deals arise.
  • Make Smarter Marketing Decisions. Your client notes can also allow you to make better marketing decisions as well. Here’s an example: if many of your clients have expressed an interest in a certain product but haven’t actually made a purchase, you can run a marketing campaign that targets those specific customers.
  • Make Your Salon More Efficient (And Save Money). By streamlining your client notes you also streamline your salon and make it more efficient. Did you know that businesses lose between 20% and 30% of their revenue simply because they’re inefficient?

Salons need to fit in as many clients as possible (without sacrificing quality), but if your hair stylists leave their clients in the chair while they try to find their client notes, the efficiency of your salon radically decreases over time.

  • Keep Your Data Safe and Secure. With Yocale, your clients are stored in a secure, encrypted database that you can access from everywhere.

Yocale’s Perfect Client Notes – The Best Client Notes

Of course, not all client notes are the same. Yocale’s client notes, however, are among the best. Here’s why:

    • They’re Easy to Use. Yocale’s client notes are first and foremost easy to use. They’re entirely intuitive. In fact, the process is as easy as uploading your client list with names and phone numbers/email addresses.
    • Add Notes for Both Clients and Individual Visits. Get the complete picture by not only adding notes to individual clients but also individual visits as well.
    • They’re Colour Coded. Yocale’s client notes are also color-coded. You can add color codes for every individual client so that tracking is easy.
  • They’re Safe and Secure. Again, as you saw above, your client notes are stored in a secure, encrypted database, which means that you don’t have to worry about ever losing or misplacing your client data ever again.

How to Add Perfect Client Notes

As you saw above, you can add client notes after individual appointments or to individual client profiles. We will show you how to do both.

  • How to Add Client Notes to Individual Appointments

You do this by adding notes to a closed appointment.

Step 1: Click on the ‘Close Appointment’ icon.

Step 2: You will then see a comment box where you can add your SOAP/patient notes to save them to your patient profile.

Step 3: Click on the ‘Patient Profile’ icon to add new notes or to view notes that you’ve made in the past.

Note that you can also add notes through your clients’ profile. Within the ‘Notes’ box, click on the number of the note.

This will then bring up all of your past note history in a window. From here, you can click ‘Edit Notes’ to edit all of your past notes or you can click ‘Add Notes’ to add new notes to an appointment.

Wrapping It Up

Client notes are a critical aspect of running a thriving salon as they allow you to deliver personalized service to your clients and make better marketing and business decisions for your salon.

But, your client notes also have to be easily accessible and organized, which means having digital client notes (and salon client management software).

When your client notes are easily accessible and organized, you can delight your customers with tea or coffee or acknowledge their birthday because this powerful data is easily within reach.

Moreover, your salon becomes more efficient, which boosts your revenue.

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