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Sync Your Pet Services Bookings With External Calendars

Wouldn’t it be nice to have all of your pet groomer software appointment bookings on all (or at least some) of the other external calendars that you also use, like Google Calendar or the calendars on your smartphone or tablet?

Do any of the above situations apply to you?

    • Do you find that you overbook yourself or experience other scheduling errors because of it?
    • Do you wish your personal calendar also had all of your business-related bookings on it?
    • Do you go back and forth between calendars?
  • Do you manually add Yocale bookings to other external calendars?

Whatever of the above situation applies to you, the reality is that you are likely either losing time by doing things efficiently or you may be costing your business money due to double booking yourself.

But, there is a solution: pet groomer software Yocale makes it possible for its users to sync your Yocale calendar (and all of your Yocale bookings) with any other external calendar you may use.

That means that any time an appointment is booked on your Yocale calendar (or you make any other changes) it is also added to any external calendar you may use – if you set it up to sync with that particular calendar, of course.

Whether you use Google Calendar, iCal, Microsoft Outlook or just about any other calendar out there, you can ensure that all your Yocale bookings are also on all of these calendars.

The Benefits of Syncing Your Yocale Calendar with External Calendars

  • Above all, Streamline Your Bookings

By syncing your pet service bookings with any external calendars that you use, you are effectively streamlining all of your bookings so that all of your bookings are consistent across all of your calendars.

Put another way, this simplifies your entire booking process.

  • Prevent Double Bookings and Other Scheduling Errors

By syncing your Yocale calendar with other calendars that you may use, you always ensure that you are in control of your schedule. You don’t have to go back and forth or worry about always fear that you may have forgotten to look at your Yocale calendar.

Costly double bookings and other scheduling errors can occur much more easily when you or your receptionists are switching between several different calendars at once.

In fact, an average of one double booking a day could easily add up to $500 lost dollars a week or as much as $24,000 a year.

So, by syncing your pet service bookings on your Yocale calendar with your other calendars, you are minimizing the loss of potential revenue and saving your business money.

  • Increase Your Efficiency

Your appointment process takes up a lot of time. As such, that time should be as streamlined as possible.

If you are constantly moving back and forth between calendars and from one calendar to another one, or you are manually adding appointments from one calendar to another, you are losing a lot time in the process – time that you could be much better spent elsewhere.

Did you know that inefficiency can cost your business as much as 20% and 30% of your revenue?

How to Sync Your Yocale Calendar with External Calendars

As mentioned above, you can sync your Yocale Calendar to just about any external calendar you want to, whether it’s a calendar offered by Google, Hotmail, your iPhone, Android, tablet and so on.

However, you have to set up each calendar individually.

For the sake of this example, we will show you step-by-step instructions on how to sync Yocale with Google Calendar.

To learn how to sync Yocale with other external calendars, you can visit our Help Center here.

Step 1: First, you will need to get your ‘calendar subscription’ URL.

To do this, select ‘Tools’ > ‘Provider Tools’ > ‘External Calendar.’ Next, tick the box that says ‘ Enable External Calendar Sync.’

Step 2: You then see a URL below that you will need to copy.

Step 3: Go to Google Calendar. Click on the down arrow (this is on the left-hand side of the page next to ‘Other Calendars.’

Step 4: Click on the ‘Add by URL’ option.’

Step 5: Paste the URL link into the box.

Step 6: Click on ‘Add Calendar.’

Lastly, please note that Google Calendar only checks for any additions every 24 to 32 hours. So, keep in mind that changes to your Yocale calendar may not be immediately added to Google.

Wrapping It Up

First and foremost, syncing your pet service bookings with your external calendars streamlines your bookings. However, it also reduces double bookings and other scheduling errors and the costs associated with such mistakes.

Lastly, syncing your bookings eliminates the need to manually add new bookings to your external calendars. In turn, this makes your pet business much more efficient and therefore boots your profits as a result.

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