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Take Online Bookings Instantly For Your Physical Therapy Practice

As a physical therapist, you work hard to restore the health of your clients through improving their flexibility. By helping a patient to increase their range of motion, you can treat muscular dysfunction and get them started on the road to recovery.

However, while physical therapists often emphasize flexibility in their practice, sometimes they overlook the value of flexibility in their business.

After all, contemporary service-based businesses don’t operate the same way they did even ten years ago. As technology has evolved, so has convenience – and in turn, today’s businesses provide more flexible solutions than ever before.

For instance, the days of manual schedule management and booking appointments over-the-phone are largely over. That’s because thankfully, there’s a much better way.

With Yocale’s Instant Bookings, you can offer your clients confirmed appointments, right from their browser. Skip the phone calls and scheduling woes – simply set up your hours of availability, create your booking page, and watch your scheduler automatically fill with appointments!

Yocale brings greater flexibility to your physical therapy business, allowing you to draw your attention away from managing the business side of your practice and towards your clients instead.

Make the most of your time and spend more of it attending to the unique needs of your clients. Achieve greater flexibility and balance within your physical therapy business – with Yocale it’s more than possible, and here’s how!

Redefine Your Practice: The Power Of Instant Bookings

There’s only so much time in the day – so why waste it on business management when you could be spending more time doing what you do best?

Traditional booking processes are slow and inefficient because they’re built on a back-and-forth scheduling system. Much like a game of ping-pong or tennis, traditional booking often involves patients and providers “bouncing around” scheduling ideas.

While the provider relays their availability to a patient over the phone, the patient, in turn, checks their schedule and both parties negotiate until a suitable appointment date is found. This might sound like a perfectly normal approach to booking, but in reality, it leads to a needless amount of time being spent on the phone.

However, with Yocale’s Instant Booking, your patients will be able to view your schedule online and pick an available time slot of their choosing. And because your Yocale schedule automatically updates as appointments are created, cancelled, or rescheduled – there’s never a risk of double-booking or encountering other common scheduling woes.

By allowing your clients to both visualize your schedule and book online, you and your employees can spend less time on the phone and devote more time towards your in-house patients instead.

Strengthen the backbone of your business and redirect your focus towards the flexibility and balance of your patients. With Yocale’s Instant Booking, it’s never been easier!

A Better Way To Book: Online Booking Made Easy

Optimizing the scheduling process on your end is a good start – but what about the needs of your clients?

Often, PT businesses will implement changes to their online booking that don’t actually make the process easier for their patients. Some of these online booking options sport wonky interfaces or inconsistent usability, while others are just frustratingly inoperable.

When done right, a good online booking solution incentivizes online booking by offering an unprecedented level of convenience for clients. On the other hand, a poor online booking experience does little for the customer, serving only to redirect their attention towards traditional phone-based booking or even turning them away from a business’s services entirely.

That said, customers are increasingly displaying a preference for self-service business solutions like online booking. In fact, a survey found that 67% of respondents preferred self-service over speaking to a company representative.

Clearly, the demand for online booking is there – it’s just a matter of doing it right. And here at Yocale, we’ve created an easy-to-use online booking platform that customers love.

With Yocale’s Online Booking, your patients can create appointments with you from nearly any internet-connected device via your Yocale booking page. Regardless of where they are or what time it is, Yocale ensures that your books are always open – even after-hours.

Upon browsing your schedule, your clients can simply pick a date that works for them and choose from the available timeslots on that day. Once they’ve created their appointment, the timeslot they’ve chosen will be reserved, and you’ll receive an automatic confirmation.

The next time you check your Yocale scheduler, that client’s appointment will be visible automatically. With Yocale’s Online Booking, phone calls or voicemail reminders aren’t necessary – the whole process is fully automated to provide maximum convenience for both you and your patients!

Get Flexible: How It Works

To begin offering Instant Booking to your patients with Yocale, all you’ll need is a Yocale account. Our Instant Bookings feature is available at the free Essential plan tier and up, so you won’t have to pay a cent to get started!

Once you’ve created your schedule in Yocale, you’ll be able to begin taking Instant Bookings in just a few clicks. Here’s a quick walkthrough!

  1. Once you’ve set up your Yocale account, head to your Yocale Calendar View and click the Manage Schedule button above your calendar.

  1. Click the New Schedule button to begin creating your schedule.

  1. A customization window will pop up containing your schedule creation options.

  1. Under the Step 2 options, click the checkbox beside Instant Bookings to enable Instant Bookings.
  2. Make any other necessary changes to your schedule, and click Create Schedule

  1. That’s it – you’ve created a Yocale schedule for online booking! Your clients will now be able to book confirmed appointments with you via your Yocale Booking Page.

Wrapping Up

On its own, Yocale’s Instant Booking brings an astounding level of convenience and expediency to your physical therapy business. However, Instant Bookings are just the beginning of what Yocale has to offer.

With additional features like Appointment Notifications, No-Gap Scheduling, and Digital Receipts, Yocale helps your PT business become more lightweight and flexible. Spend less time stressing over business management and get back to doing what you do best – get started with Yocale today!

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