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Being Booked and Busy is Good, Manual Scheduling and “Double Bookings” are Not

The public is crawling out, businesses are opening back up, competition is on an incline and now is the time to take advantage of this epoch.

For us that have been quarantined crave maintenance and are ready to spend money, especially with summer approaching. Let’s consider some of the services that are overdue:

  • Dentists – Major dental needs and overdue teeth cleaning ….yuck!
  • Beauty Salons Pedicure anyone? Men are shabby and women need colour!
  • Trainers Gyms and studios have been shut down and we are so ready to get back in shape
  • Auto Shops Customized car jobs and overdue maintenance
  • Accountants Taxes delayed and CPA’s will be in demand to apply for the Economic response plan
  • Attorneys Restructuring of businesses or a surge in divorce coming?

How can your business meet demand while cohering to safety regulations? Adaptability to an online scheduling platform is essential. Being booked and busy is a good thing, but manual scheduling and possible “double bookings” are not. Offering a revolutionary booking widget provides a flawless experience and grants clients to book multi services and apply filters to find ideal providers, in a flash.

In addition, Yocale’s business calendar can be modified to your needs. Let’s take a closer look at its features that can make your days less challenging and more organized.

Availability Finder

The availability finder creates convenience as locating appointments become simple, and complex scheduling simpler. We have defined all the ways the automatic appointment finder will save you time and energy in this article.

Calendar View

The business calendar elevates your scheduling management expertise, but also has the competency to view staff schedules in different perspectives and experience your days in various calendar views.

Visualize this scenario: Your business operates Tuesday to Saturday so clearly you want Tuesday to be the first visible day on your calendar. Your other preferences include only the 4 days you are open to be displayed, time intervals to show hourly and bolder colours and bigger texts displayed on your calendar. You can do that and more with tailored features.

In addition, you are creating a two-week staff schedule and eager to see the “cash cow” provider of your business in order to schedule them on high traffic days. With the calendar view, smoothly navigate from provider to provider with one click to view booking volume and generate an effective schedule.

Watch it in action!

Locate by Status

Let’s consider a realistic scenario: You suspect an employee of yours possibly contracted Covid-19 between May 15 and May 25th. Your first priority is the safety of your staff and your clients so you subconsciously filter your calendar by either “booked” “done” or “checked in” status to locate and inform clients that were in your vicinity within that time range.

You also have the option to check “no shows” for other motives, such as filtering clients that are not in good standing, which is ideal for your own qualitative search.

Whatever your requirements may be, you can filter your calendar to meet them.

Filter by Location

If you operate a multi location business, you can explore staff schedules and appointments by location. If possible, set up an onsite location in additional to your physical store to attract more business and increase cash flow.

The perks of alternatives.


COVID-19 has been referred to “the great pause,” a phase of reflection.

Bad news is that it will take some time for life to transform back to what it was. Good news is the many resources available to your business to operate smoothly and even screen your patience and protect your staff in advance. Using a customized online scheduling tool will save you time, attract new clients and track success.

It’s simple. but powerful.

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