Top 5 Marketing Influencers To Follow

Whatever your business is, you can’t succeed alone! When faced with adversity, your peers in the business world can provide you with empowering new perspectives on problems that may have previously seemed inscrutable.

And of course, if you’re lacking inspiration from the world around you, there’s plenty of good advice to be found online. There are thousands of marketing experts out there sharing their incredible insights with the world – all you have to do is tune in.

Here are a few of our favorites at Yocale, in no particular order!

Amy Porterfield, Online Marketing Expert

“Confidence isn’t a function of how many affirmations you repeat each morning – but in how many steps you take in the path laid out in front of you.”

Amy Porterfield

When Amy Porterfield transitioned from her corporate life to diving head-first into the world of entrepreneurship, it wasn’t all glitter and glam.

Stricken with anxiety and doubt, Amy became conflicted about her future and quickly realized that she was building the wrong business.

However, after redirecting her efforts and developing a system to help other business owners make the most of their online endeavors, Amy found her true calling. She now shares her marketing expertise with thousands of online followers at, her teachings built on the foundation of being “action-by-action” rather than “step-by-step.”

Why should you follow her?

Amy’s insightful articles cover a broad range of bullet-proof online business strategies and are regularly published to her growing avid reader base of over 250,000. Or, if you’re a regular listener of podcasts, you can always get her advice in audio form with her Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast – perfect for the busy, on-the-go individual.

Amy’s site

Amy’s Twitter

Neil Patel, Entrepreneur, Investor, and Influencer

“The past is your lesson. The present is your gift. The future is your motivation.”

 – Neil Patel

With three successful internet start-ups under his belt (Crazy Egg, Hello Bar and KISSmetrics), Neil Patel is an entrepreneurial force-of-nature. He doesn’t keep all of his business-savvy tactics to himself, though – in fact, he’d love to share!

Via informative articles, illustrative videos, and compelling podcasts, Neil Patel continues to share his online business know-how with thousands around the world.

Why should you follow him?

Deemed the #1 marketer in the world by Entrepreneur magazine, Neil has a lot of advice to offer. He’s lent his expertise to big-name companies like Google, NBC, and Viacom, but he’s especially enthusiastic about helping small business owners achieve more than they thought possible.

You can check out his writing and video content at alongside his podcast, Marketing School with co-host Eric Siu. With nearly 500 podcast episodes and going strong, there’s a lot of knowledge packed in there.

Neil’s site

Neil’s Twitter

 Joanna Wiebe, Copywriter and Marketer

“Copy is awesome, and copywriters are the best-kept secret in the sales and marketing world.”

Joanna Wiebe

Joanna runs, a blog dedicated to teaching how to write impactful, persuasive copy that boosts conversions and turns idle customers active.

Why should you follow her?

Many businesses skimp on prioritizing the writing that supports their products and shapes their online identity – big mistake! At Copy Hackers, Joanna Wiebe gets down to the nitty-gritty of effective copywriting with a writing style that is both informative and enjoyable to read.

Copy Hackers

Joanna’s Twitter

Leslie Berland, Twitter CMO


              –Leslie Berland

Twitter itself has seen massive changes this year. Behind the continued upheaval and transformation of this mega-popular social media platform is super-star team members like Leslie Berland, Twitter’s very own CMO.

Previously an executive at Amex, Leslie Berland handles her business with an element of eccentricity and challenges convention. However, despite her cordial and approachable demeanour, Leslie is a marketing super-genius, and her efforts continue to mold Twitter into the micro-communications network of the future.

Why should you follow her?

Through her Twitter feed, Leslie offers a fascinating look at the continued identity evolution of Twitter. Although Twitter is now a big-name social media juggernaut, the company has always struggled to market itself to the public.

“For us, Twitter’s very much about questions and answers, and conversations, and what’s happening and what people are talking about,” Leslie stated in an interview with CIO.

However, for many, Twitter’s purpose was unclear.

“People thought Twitter was a social network,” or a place to “connect with friends and family members, look for ex-boyfriends from kindergarten and share baby photos … That was the perception that people who don’t use Twitter had about what we were.”

In an age when online businesses must remain agile and somewhat nebulous in order to stay relevant, Leslie often highlights the importance of grounding a brand’s identity. It’s a tough concept to grasp – but as Twitter’s identity crisis illustrates, it’s becoming increasingly important.

Leslie’s Twitter

Ray Elias, CMO at Hotel Tonight

“Invest in being a strong leader and manager as a first priority, not a second priority.”

– Ray Elias

After StubHub was acquired by eBay in 2007, Ray Elias helped transition the company from solely occupying an online niche to mass-market usability.

The ticket?

Well, tickets – growing all over, like leaves on a tree.

Ray’s marketing efforts helped the company create an iconic video marketing campaign featuring precisely this – a talking, often cross-eyed tree puppet with many a ticket to spare. The bizarre character of “The Ticket Oak” – although somewhat unsettling – helped boost StubHub’s traffic growth 40% and also resulted in a 20% increase in brand awareness.

Why should you follow him?

While he may not be an active tweeter, Ray often shares insights into his widely diverse, long-spanning marketing career in online interviews. Working previously for NatureBox and now, HotelTonight, Ray is consistently tackling new problems and creating new solutions every step of the way – aspiring expert marketers, take note!

Ray’s LinkedIn

We hope these rising marketing super-stars can help to inspire and invigorate your business! For more on business strategy, online and off – keep up with us here, five days a week at the Yocale blog!

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