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Turn Customers into Regulars With Recurring Appointments

“I’ve been booking an appointment with you every two weeks, do I really have to call in to schedule every time? Can you offer a less time consuming solution or just book me in biweekly?

If this scenario rings a bell, Yocale’s recurring appointment feature is your solution. As an all-in-one solution software, our main priority is to offer you flexibility for your day to day operations commence as smoothly as possible.

As a business owner, the probability of clients coming in to see you for repeated services are high. Depending on your industry, recurring services can diversify from physiotherapy appointments, beauty appointments, vehicle maintenance, pet visits or follow up appointments. To sustain our human status, we require constant maintenance and the sense of knowing our next move or schedule allows us to plan accordingly and be our most productive.

A recurring appointment feature sets a professional tone and has the potential to become a prominent time saver. How does it work? Let’s imagine a scenario where this advanced feature would be useful.

You are a physiotherapist and your patient has been in an unfortunate car accident. It’s priority to treat them on a weekly basis for the first four visits and once progress is apparent, your recovering client requires monthly sessions on an ongoing basis. Remember to document their progress with the revolutionary form feature!

Instead of asking your receptionist (if you have one) to take time out of their busy schedule to locate ongoing appointments for the next few weeks, use recurring scheduling to save time, energy and avoid double booking discrepancies. You can access the recurring feature right from the advanced appointment window, directly from your calendar.

The recurring feature offers more then just convenience, but acts as a (cost-free) marketing tactic to turn customers into regulars and increase customer retention, without increasing customer acquisition cost.

You can visualize the recurring process in action in the following short clip.

In this scenario, a client is coming in for a therapeutic massage appointment. She loves the service exponentially that she would like to see her service provider same time next week and the appointment to be repeated every two weeks up to three occurrences. Within the same advanced window, you may also preview the booking series you just created. You also have the option to chose recurring appointments on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Convenient, right?

If one of the upcoming sessions has a booking conflict, the platform will automatically notify you of the conflict before you’ve had the chance to save the appointments. If you are creating a plethora of occurrences at once, the system will notify you to edit the conflicting appointment. Editing the recurring appointment is just as easy as setting it up, that’s the beauty.

Retain the customers you already have and create healthy client relationships with simple, systematic features. Our clients know the recurring feature is freaking awesome and we hope you do, too!

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